My Kid Is Obsessed with Stuffed Animals

You see this picture?

That is probably 1/20th of the stuffed animals Bella owns. It’s just all the Winnie the Pooh characters – the others are in three giant baskets on the floor.

I have no idea how it happened. I was adamantly against ever being this parent. We didn’t just buy cutesy things because my daughter wanted them.

Yet suddenly, our kid is obsessed with stuffed animals.

The amount is totally controllable. I have bins to put them all in. Two in her room. A few animals on shelves. Her playroom. The living room. They all stay really nicely in their boxes. She even cleans them up nicely in the evenings.

But then – it’s like she can’t be without them when she falls asleep. We’ll get her all ready for night with, you know, 15-20 stuffed animals in her bed already. She’s bawling that one fell in the crack between the wall and bed and she can’t reach it. Another is missing. Where is gray kitty? Brown? Pink monkey. Nothing has a name except the color and what it is.

She ends up pulling all of the animals out of the bins and playing with them until she passes out in a heap – with them on, around, and over her. Most nights I have to go in and pull them off to even see where she is. She wakes up all hot, sweaty, and cranky from nap and tells me it’s because her room was too hot. Really though, 75 pounds of stuffed animals on top of you can’t be the most efficient way to stay cool.

I have sewn holes, hand washed, knitted clothes, and pulled out baby supplies for them all at some point.

She has the memory of each stuffed animal like a child remembering each piece of their precious Halloween candy, so it’s impossible to even think about giving any away.

I know this is a phase. I also know that right now, her stuffed animals are part of her life. We bought cute bins to put them in, made a box she can drag through the house to carry a bunch at one time, and remain firm in her cleaning them up if she decides to take them all out. One day when she’s ready, we’ll talk about giving them to another child (or really children at this point) for them to love and obsess over as well.

Until then…


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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