My Kid Mortified Me in Public! Readers Share Their Most Embarrassing Stories

What parent hasn’t suffered humiliation at the hands of their child?

Honest to a fault, observant, and uninhibited– much to the amusement of onlookers and our chagrin as parents, this is a combination of qualities that most kids possess and it is this exactly that allows them to forgo the rules of social politeness and leave us longing to sink into the Earth.

We asked our readers to weigh in on their moments of mortification. Laugh, but not too loud. Next time it might be you!

  • Maybe we shouldn’t teach kids to read 1 of 9
    Maybe we shouldn't teach kids to read
    "My niece asked her mom, 'Why is cock bad?' My sister, shocked, then said, 'What are you talking about?' She replied, 'The sign says badcock' — the furniture store! I was laughing so hard! My daughter is only 7 months so I have a future of embarrassing moments awaiting me! :) I love kids!"
    via Karryn Bundt
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • A food fight 2 of 9
    A food fight
    "I have so many embarassing stories, can't choose the worst one. My son announces everytime he poops, and did to the lady at his preschool orientation by holding his hand over his butt and saying eww! Which was pretty embarassing ... or the time he threw a chicken tender out at a resteraunt and hit a lady across the way in the side of her face. I felt like I couldn't apologize enough, and to make it worse his father was sitting there laughing ... ugh! Twice as embarassing …"
    via Megan Stites
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • A rump shaker 3 of 9
    A rump shaker
    "Ohhh ... let's see. My daughter was 2.5 and asked a woman at the gas station why she was wearing her pjs outside of the house ... she often asks me if people are pregnant (in a child whisper — so everyone can hear). I'm sure there are plenty of others; she's a character. Oh — she used to dance and shake her behind when she did it so when we were at the drs office one day and the doctor forgot something in our room and came back in, she says, "Oh, I know why you came back" and starts shaking her behind at him. THAT has been the most hilarious moment yet!"
    via Natalie Roystuart Stanton
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  • When you gotta go, you gotta go 4 of 9
    When you gotta go, you gotta go
    "My four-year-old son yelled real loud in the super market I GOTTA GO POOP NOW and the people around us where laughing."
    via Sharon Buckley
    Photo credit: Stock.xchng
  • The baby whisperer 5 of 9
    The baby whisperer
    When I was pregnant with my 3rd child, my second child was sitting directly in front of me on the kneeler in our Catholic church facing me during the sermon. As the whole congregation was completely quiet, she placed one little hand upon each of my knees, quickly spread my knees apart and yelled at the top of her little voice....Hey baby! How's it going in there??? The whole pew of people behind our family fell into tears of laughter. I quickly lifted my daughter and whispered....What are you doing? To which she retorted....I'm taukin to da baby!!!
    via Barbara Card
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  • An exhibitionist 6 of 9
    An exhibitionist
    "My son pulled his peepee out while sitting in a grocery cart at a Walmart check out line, and asked the guy standing behind me if he had one. I about had a heart attack. Lol"
    via Amber Cluck Frantz
    Photo credit: Stock.xchng
  • Kids call it like they see it 7 of 9
    Kids call it like they see it
    "My cousin took her little girl to the bathroom, and as she was peeing in a bathroom full of other moms her lil girl yells out, 'Mom, your crotch is huge!' Wow, I would have died!"
    via Amanda Miller
    Photo credit: Stock.xchng
  • Mom, are you a cross-dresser? 8 of 9
    Mom, are you a cross-dresser?
    "I had on a white undershirt under my tshirt. When my daughter was about 3, we were in a very crowded bathroom and she said very loudly, 'Umm why do you have on daddy's undershirt? I could hear the other ladies laughing. She then added mommy you not supposed to wear Daddy's clothes ... Do you have on his underwear too?"
    via Michelle Ross
    Photo credit: Flickr
  • Maybe this was part of her tip 9 of 9
    Maybe this was part of her tip
    "When my son was two, we went out to eat and he smacked a waitress on the bum. She was funny though, she didn't mind ... Thank God!"
    via Mandy Tavenier Knight
    Photo credit: Flickr

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