My Kids Had the Flu Over Christmas, but We Made the Best of It

My Kids Had The Flu Over Christmas, But We Made the Best of ItI really hope you all had a great holiday! I hope you were surrounded by love and family and made happy memories, which is what makes this time of the year one of the best.

We certainly did and it was one of the happiest holidays of my adulthood. The kids are at a crazy fun age where they are really into it and get excited and crazy while opening gifts. I still stay away from the Santa thing, but it’s something they believe on their own anyway and it was all around fun.

The only downside to the holiday is all the kids at one point or another got sick with the flu.

The nasty flu that comes with a horrible cough, sneezing, runny nose, body aches, and fever. For the kids, the illness had the potential to make the holiday horrible. They aren’t all that fun and happy and in good spirits when they’re sick, for obvious reasons… but surprisingly, we all made the best of it!

Sure, there were times where the excitement and fun got to be a bit too much and they started coughing so much they puked. (Yep, that happened a few times.) There were epic over-reacting tantrums that were, in large part, thanks to the body aches and fever, but my kids still rocked it.

I was so happy to not have to cancel any family plans. They were not too sick that we couldn’t have all the fun that we wanted. They are on the mend now, but still not feeling 100% and I am loving the slower-pace. We’re living in our PJs and watching our favorite movies and it couldn’t be better.

Have your kids ever been sick on Christmas? How did they fair?

Photo credit: © Devan McGuinness.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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