My Kids, My Responsibility: On Not Wanting to Ask Family to Babysit

As a blogger I’m notorious for eavesdropping on parents at every possible opportunity. I may or may not do this thing where I stand off to the side and pretend to fiddle on my phone while actually taking detailed notes for upcoming blog ideas. People, it’s not being nosy, it’s having my finger on the pulse.

Just last week at kindergarten pick-up, I overheard a group of moms chatting about leaving their kids in the care of family. Mom A said she felt guilty “dumping the kids” because growing up her mom rarely left her in the care of others. She said her mom raised her and now it was her turn to raise her kids and she didn’t want to take advantage. Mom B told Mom A to hell with that thinking, that’s what grandparents are for!

While I love the idea of grandparents who view an opportunity to take care their grandkids as a privilege rather than a hassle, I tend to fall in Mom A’s camp.

I know my kids are a lot of work and it’s for this reason that I don’t like asking family to babysit. It’s not like my kids are bad, they’re just supremely active kids and watching them can take a great deal of effort. Effort I feel guilty consuming. And truthfully, I feel like my parents have earned this period of peace and calmness in their lives.

Obviously, I’ve asked for babysitting assistance in the event of a wedding, funeral, or otherwise kid-unfriendly occasion, but when it’s just me wanting to spend time with my husband or have a quite day to myself, I can count the times I’ve asked for support on one hand.

Make no mistake, my family adores my kids and they spend time with them at every possible opportunity, but asking for help from Mom and Dad (or really, anybody) just isn’t my style.

Do you rely on your parents for babysitting support?

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