My Little Fashion Plate Designed Her Own Clothes

Adolpha is 5 and she thinks she’s 15 — scratch that — 25. Ever since she was a toddler we have fought over clothes and her sense of style.  Before she was born I would hear stories about little girls demanding to wear particular clothes and I would think, “Just tell your child what she’s going to wear and be done with it.” Ha! Little did I know.

If you ever see me on the street, you probably wouldn’t notice me, because that’s just how I roll. I tend to wear earth tones and I like to blend in with the scenery. Adolpha is just the opposite. She doesn’t simply “get dressed,” she puts together “ensembles.” She has been this way since she was 2. Her first word was “bow.” As in a bow for her hair. I sort of started that madness, because she looked so much like her brother I put bows in her hair so she would look less Gomer-like. I didn’t like the ones that I could find in the stores, so I made my own. Adolpha learned that if you don’t like what’s in the store, just make your own.

From a very early age she would insist on only wearing pink clothes. I hated pink and I tried to dress her in any other color I could find. If I put her in green or red, she would literally tear the clothes from her body. Literally. I’m not exaggerating. I would dress her and leave the room only to come back and find that she’d torn her dress trying to rip it off her body.

We quickly learned that we could compromise; she would wear a black dress if she could have a pink bow in her hair or she would wear a red dress if she could wear pink socks. (Notice, I keep saying “dress.” Adolpha hasn’t worn pants or jeans — leggings don’t count — since she turned 2. They’re undignified or something like that.)

Adolpha and I bicker quite a bit about clothes. When we shop for an Easter dress I am always disturbed by how many of the dresses look like they should come with a free pole included. She is only 5, but she is very tall and she already wears a size 8. There isn’t much out there in her size that doesn’t look slutty or matronly. (What 5-year-old needs a maxi dress?)

She’s been telling me for months that she wanted to design her own clothes. She had seen an advertisement for a website called FashionPlaytes. She’s mentioned it many times to me and every time, I sort of blew her off.

A few weeks ago I wrote about her desire to try on my blog. I scoffed and said I thought the quality was probably “crap.” I sometimes forget that I’m not out here all alone and when I say someone’s product is “crap” they will probably hear about it.

FashionPlaytes did. (Whoops.) Instead of being mad at me, their social media expert tweeted me and suggested I give them a try before I call them “crap.” They sent me a gift card and Adolpha and I sat down to design.

For our first attempt, I thought I’d let her do whatever she wanted and we came up with a $50 tank top. Oops. We did some editing and came up with a much more reasonably priced (and, frankly, more attractive) piece. I have to admit, we had a great time designing clothes together and I was pleased to see that all the dresses were very age-appropriate. We also played in their virtual space where we could earn points for designing and saving more clothes (with the option to purchase in the future). In the end she got a tank top, a dress and a matching dress for her doll. They arrived this weekend and I was really surprised at the quality of the materials. The fit is a bit big, but that’s good for Adolpha since she can outgrow her entire wardrobe overnight. Upon closer inspection, I can assure you, clothes are not “crap.”

Disclaimer: Thank you to who gave me a gift card. My opinions are my own and I will shop there again on my own dime.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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