My Personal Back-to-School Goal: I Don't Want to Be "That Mom" Anymore

My Personal Back-to-School Goal:I know, I keep talking about back-to-school. I have a feeling you Kid Scoop readers totally get what I am feeling though: excitement mixed with a little bit of fear and sadness. Our babies are growing up!

I have a lot of dreams for my kids and goals for the school year. I want to make sure they make great friends, stand up to some fears and fall even more in love with school. I want to hear them speak more French and get excited to bring home their arts and crafts projects— and I even look forward to working through the inevitable challenges.

Last year was my first real experience being a mom of kids in school. Sure, Speed had gone the year before, but only part time and he was sick so often from it being his first exposure to kids (and parents not keeping their kids home when they’re sick) so he missed a lot of days. I missed a lot of days being the mom who picks her kids up from school.

Since then, I have learned a lot about how all this works. Some for the better (hello, that’s how we mommies make friends), but also learned that there is, like in all groups of girls, this hierarchy that people like to put moms in and I am very aware of how I am classified thanks to a very deep love of mine.

You see, I am kind of addicted to my yoga pants. I am assuming that I am looked down on for being that “typical mom” who wears this type of outfit. We’ve all heard the not-so-secret classifications of moms at the school yard and I am just one step up from the “pajamas mom.”

I don’t have anything against being “that mom,” but my kids are getting older so here are three ways it makes sense for me to change where I fall in the school mom pick up line.

1) I don’t want my kids to be embarrassed! We all know kids talk and while I feel I am far from anything to be embarrassed about, I don’t really know what’s hip and cool with the little kids these days.

2) My kids are older and that means I have SO MUCH MORE time for me!! I don’t have to debate between letting a kid cry and taking a shower. The youngest is now old enough to understand that I am am not just an extension of her and she won’t lose her cool when I step out of the room.

3) I am kinda tired of the yoga pants look! I am working on a healthier me— not just physically, but I want to find my style and who I am again and I am pretty sure the ‘real’ me is not a yoga mom (mainly because I have never done yoga!)

:: Do you have any personal back-to-school goals for yourself? ::


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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