My Sneaky Grandma and Sweet Childhood Memories

I literally grew up with metal in my mouth. As the poster child for extreme orthodontia, I’ve worn various mental contraptions from the time I was 6 years old. As you can probably imagine, my parents absolutely prohibited the consumption of sticky candy.

Kids need candy. OK, they don’t need candy, but candy and childhood sort of belong together. It’s true, ask any kid.

Despite my pleas for candy leniency, the answer was always no. Man, I don’t know what kind of dirt my orthodontist had on my parents, but these people would not budge on the candy thing.

But then there was my grandma, the one person who seemed to understand my sugar struggle. My naughty grandma liked to sneak me caramels. I like to think it was because she knew the only thing sweeter than candy was her grandchild.

Soon enough, candy sneaking became our thing. My grandma never cared about spoiling my appetite or the excess of mental in my mouth – nope! She just wanted to make me smile. This crafty woman had a method too. She’d survey the room, covertly deposit individually wrapped caramels into my hand and wink. Somehow I knew that wink was our silent understanding that I didn’t get the caramels from her. Our sweet tradition, while a delicious risk I was willing to take, became to mean so much more.

To this day I can’t spot a candy dish or pass up a caramel anything without thinking of my grandma and the sweet, sweet memories of a sweet, sweet woman.

What sweet memories do you have of your grandma?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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