My Son, the Drama King

Brothers I have always been fine with only having sons. Sure, a daughter would be fun to shop with, but having a girl was never something I’ve yearned for.

When I was pregnant for the first time, I was desperately hoping for a boy. When I was pregnant for the second time, I wasn’t even a bit disappointed when we found out we were getting another penis. And the third time around, I pretty much expected another boy, so the results weren’t a surprise at all. In fact, I often had to keep myself from punching people when they found out I was pregnant for a third time and couldn’t help but ask “So…trying for a girl, huh?” Because, no. I wasn’t trying for a girl, thank you very much.

When I talk to mothers who have both boys and girls a bit older than my kids, the consensus is that, while boys are harder when they’re younger, on account of the accidents and injuries, girls are harder in the long run, on account of the feelings and hormones and drama. Makes sense, right? Typically speaking (obviously this isn’t a hard and fast rule), young boys are more prone to wild, death defying stunts while most little girls are more content with calmer, less dangerous activities.

Then they get older, and while boys are usually out playing baseball in a field or sitting on the couch playing video games, girls are in their rooms sobbing over a giant pile of clothes because they have nothing to wear, omg or Jeremy asked Brenda to the dance instead of meeeeee!!!!!!  Waaaahhhhhhhhh

What all of these people failed to tell me, however, is that when it comes to emotions, having a 6 year old boy is pretty much akin to having a tween girl. The hurt feelings, the sobbing…the drama.

I wasn’t prepared for it and quite frankly, I am at a total loss.

He cried the other night and felt the need to say, over and over again, “This is the worst night EVER!” I can’t even remember what he was upset about, but I can assure you it was something innocuous. I think maybe his dad had finished the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch or something. Situations just like this happen on a fairly regular basis lately.

So tell me, at what point will he go back to being easy and spend his time jumping out of trees and bombing down the hill on his bike instead of taking frequent breaks to rail against the unfairness of life? Because I didn’t sign up for this emotional drama stuff and I’m not sure I can handle it. I’m much better suited to visits to the ER, I think.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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