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When I blogged over on the toddler blog, weekly (for the most part) I would share a slideshow of my favorite Instagram pictures I took that week. Because if we are being seriously, I take far too many pictures with my iPhone. But these are memories we will be able to cherish forever.

This week we had all kinds of kid-related fun. Easter egg hunts, birthday parties at indoor bouncy houses, or simply just going for an ice cream cone. For me it is about record keeping, and for everyone else it is about me shoving a phone in their face saying “smile for the camera!”

But I am sure they will forgive me for it some day.

Who are your favorite Instagramer’s?

  • Our Week in Instagram 1 of 14
    Our Week in Instagram
    A week in the life of the Elwood Clan and all the madness it entails!
  • A Day in the Hospital 2 of 14
    A Day in the Hospital
    Oh ya know, just a normal Saturday. We ended up spending most of the day in Yale Children's Hospital, after a scare with a possible piece of inhaled candy. Nothing like a good heart attack to get the blood flowing!
  • The Importance of Family 3 of 14
    The Importance of Family
    The day after our hospital scare, we spent the day with my parents, and aunt. I fell in love with this picture I snapped.
  • New Car 4 of 14
    New Car
    We purchased a new family car. Our old faithful Dodge Minivan served us well for nearly three years, but it was time to upgrade to a safer vehicle for our thousand mile move. I feel like a little kid in a candy store with it now.
  • Award Time! 5 of 14
    Award Time!
    Every month our kindergartener's school has an award ceremony, and since November he has won some kind of award. Whether it has been perfect attendance, perfect homework, or simply most improved behavior... he always gets one. And I am beyond proud!
    He started the year being jealous of those who won, and will end the year as an all star!
  • Pedicures! 6 of 14
    By pedicures I mean, I brought my 65 year old, father-in-law with me for one. He absolutely enjoyed it, and provided pure comic relief the entire time. I guess you don't need girls for a girls day out!
  • Ice Cream Night! 7 of 14
    Ice Cream Night!
    With a big move coming, we have been trying to treat the boys as much as we can. Things they love (like Friendly's) is comforting to them during this. Plus, I kind of love ice cream. Its a win-win!
  • Date Night at the Casino 8 of 14
    Date Night at the Casino
    DH and I hit up Mohegan Sun casino for our last "date night" in Connecticut. Which is pretty rare these days. What a blast! I wish we could do it once more before we head out of the state!
  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! 9 of 14
    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!
    My husband was the big winner at the casino. He won almost $700 in one sitting. The only thing I was good at turned out to be roulette!
  • Birthday Parties! 10 of 14
    Birthday Parties!
    Following our late night out, we adventured out to a kids birthday party at a place called Andy's Bouncy Barn, sounds like fun huh? Exhausting but the kids had a blast!
  • Easter Egg Hunt 11 of 14
    Easter Egg Hunt
    After our morning full of bouncing, we headed off to the beach for our annual Easter Egg hunt. The kids scored chocolate Easter bunnies. The boys got to search for their eggs with the big kids on the beach for the firs time this year, instead of in the "little kid area" where their sister scored hers.
  • Photogenic Boy 12 of 14
    Photogenic Boy
    The other night my little guy came up to me, plopped right down on the couch and says "Mommy, wanna take a picture?"
  • Sunday Morning Snuggles 13 of 14
    Sunday Morning Snuggles
    Nothing beats cuddling in bed together first thing in the morning. Absolutely nothing at all. These are the days I will miss.
  • Palm Sunday 14 of 14
    Palm Sunday
    Every Palm Sunday we get palm crosses and bring them to the cemetery for my late brother-in-law. This year, Addison carried the cross all the way to his grave and helped us put it in the ground. It certainly was emotional.

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