National Pet Week: Precious Pets and the Kids Who Love Them

It’s National Pet Week and I’d thought I’d celebrate by featuring cute kids with the furry (and not so furry) friends who adore them. The bond between pets and their companions is a special one, but the relationship between a child and their pet is truly amazing. A pet is a child’s first friend and in some cases, the only one who can truly understand them. Caring for a pet teaches not only responsibility but also compassion. When a pet is introduced into the home, a child has a trusted companion for years to come. And the power of that friendship is evident in these photos:


  • Cute Kids and the Adorable Pets Who Love Them 1 of 20
    National Pet Week_Lisa Quinones Fontanez Babble

    Click through for some adorable photos of kids with their best friends!

  • Boo and the Ferocious Diesel 2 of 20

    They both mean business. 

    Image via Ashley Hackshaw, Babble Contributor 

    Ashley's personal blog: Lil Blue Boo 


  • Best Friends 3 of 20

    Nothing like a boy and his dog. 

    Image via Helena, Pink Guayoyo


  • Cullen and Indy 4 of 20
    cullen and indy
    Looks like Cullen is traveling in style!
    Image via Emily Malone, Babble Contributor
    Emily's personal blog: Daily Garnish
  • Seriously Cute 5 of 20

    Yes, it's possible to look that serious and that cute. I can tell these two will be friends for a long, long time.

    Image via Mari Tuten, Babble Contributor

    Mari's personal blog: Inspired by Family Mag  


  • Addie and Bella 6 of 20
    These two really know how to chill. Addie (2) and 5 month old Pitbull puppy Bella.
    Image via Danielle A. Elwood, Babble Contributor 
    Danielle's personal blog: Danielle Elwood
  • A Dynamic Duo 7 of 20
    Jessica shares: Here's my daughter Kaia, when she was a baby with our Chihuahua, Honey. Honey joined our family first and then 2 years later we had Kaia. They've been a dynamic duo ever since.
    Image via Jessica New Fuselier, Babble Contributor
    Jessica's personal blog: DisneySisters
  • Addie and Percy 8 of 20
    addie and her percy _ Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    Addie (8) and Percy, her goofy rescue cat she calls 'motorboat' (kitty has a PURR on him.)
    Image via Casey Mullins, Babble Contributor
    Casey's personal blog: Moosh in Indy


  • Olivia & AJ 9 of 20
    The eyes say it all: LOVE!  
    Image via Janice Croze, Babble Contributor
  • The Explorers 10 of 20

    Luke going for a walk in the woods with his trusted companion, Bristol

    Image via Marj, The Domestic Goddess 

  • Puffy: The Life Changer 11 of 20
    Rachel Negron Daughter
    The Mini Digital Latina with Puffy.
    Rachel shares: "Puffy changed our lives forever and for the better.  He encourages me to take walks, to run, to laugh.  As he grows, we grow.  How?  We fell in love with him effortlessly.  His personality won us over from day one.  I learned to love on a new level.  He's always there when everyone else is gone.  He's my little furry son!"
    Image via Rachel, The Digital Latina 


  • The Little Teacher 12 of 20

    Vanessa shares:  "When our 9 year old Shih Tzu, Lola, got sick, our toddler reacted with such a nurturing, kind spirit. I'm sure Lola appreciated all the extra love and attention. Pets can teach our kids about some of the most fundamental aspects of humanity - empathy, compassion and caring for others. They're a huge commitment, but one I take on for the betterment of my children."

    Image via Vanessa, De Su Mama 

  • The Power of Friendship 13 of 20
    Mama Fry shares: Ronan is one who can snap my son out of a funk faster than any human. Pure friendship.
    Image via Mama Fry, Autism with a side of Fries
  • "Frenemies" 14 of 20

    My son Norrin with my best friend's dog, Brando. Norrin and Brando have interesting relationship. Brando, always wants to play and Norrin always needs time to warm up. But once Norrin gets used to Brando's rambunctious behavior, they settle into a wonderful understanding.  

  • Water Pals 15 of 20

    Nothing like playing a game of fetch in the water with your pals.

    Image via Mama Butterfly, My Winter Butterflies

  • Fish are Friends 16 of 20

    Fish are the ideal pet for almost any family. And they make fun friends too!

    Image via Buzz Bishop, Babble Contributor

    Buzz's personal blog: Dad Camp

  • Little Miss 17 of 20

     Little Miss with the "Old Man" - Pets and kids always take time to relax and just enjoy the little things.  

    Image via Karla, Beyond the Dryer Vent 

  • Friends till the End 18 of 20

    "Bear with our 14 year old dog Sable, the night before she passed away.  She made him so happy and I love how well this picture shows their relationship."

    Image via She's Always Write  

  • Cuddle Buddies 19 of 20
    2011-07-24 12.14.51

    Looks like this cuddly creature is someone's main squeeze.

    Image via Danielle Smith, Babble Contributor

    Danielle's personal blog - Extraordinary Mommy


  • Atticus and Norman 20 of 20
    Atticus and with his late friend Norman. Norman looks like he was loved and is greatly missed.   

    Image via Whit Honea, Babble Contributor

    Whit's personal blog: Whit Honea - The Honea Express


And now for some National Pet Week trivia. Did you know that:

  • Maine, Vermont, Oregon, Idaho and Washington have the highest percentage of cat-owning households.
  • Arkansas, New Mexico, Kentucky, Missouri and West Virginia have the highest percentage of dog-owning households.

Do you have pets in your home? How will you celebrate them this week? A great way to celebrate National Pet Week with the Kids is to check out this list of Disney Dog Movies. Pick your favorite for your next family movie night!


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