Parents Dish: Sh*t I Never Thought I Would Say to My Kids

Parenting is full of all sorts of fun surprises. It’s because of this that we have to be prepared for things we didn’t even realize we had to be prepared for. Kids are messy and imaginative and those two things can come together to form the most bizarre situations.

It’s those situations that we find ourselves with some pretty good stories to tell about our kids. What I realized after sharing the first round of stuff we never thought we’d say is that not only are we all having to say some weird things — our kids are not the only ones doing these weird things, it seems to be a universal kid thing.

Click through to read round 2 of the hilarious and bizarre things parents have had to say to their kids:

  • The Poor Cat 1 of 12
    The Poor Cat
    "Don't lick the cat." - Rachel
    Image: photostock
  • It Doesn’t Go There! 2 of 12
    It Doesn't Go There!
    "Never put the calico critter toys in your nose ever again, or anything else." - Brooke
    Image: photostock
  • Never a Good Time 3 of 12
    Never a Good Time
    "Don't pee on your brother while he's on the computer. Actually not any another time either." - Joanie
    Image: photostock
  • Not Dinner 4 of 12
    Not Dinner
    "Why are you eating the catfood again???" - Tara
    Image: photostock
  • Different Use for Utensil? 5 of 12
    Different Use for Utensil?
    "Do not put your fork between your toes!" -Brooke
    Image: photostock
  • Over Everything 6 of 12
    Over Everything
    "Quit licking your brothers/floor/windows!" - Terra
    Image: photostock
  • Not for Storage 7 of 12
    Not for Storage
    "The toilet is not a toy, and mommy's make up does not go in the toilet!" - Aly
    Image: photostock
  • Have Fun Cleaning That. 8 of 12
    Have Fun Cleaning That.
    "No jelly in the outlet!!" - Kate
    Image: Flickr
  • Seemed Reasonable at the Time 9 of 12
    Seemed Reasonable at the Time
    "Please stop licking the wall." - Shannon
    Image: Flickr
  • Not for Mommy 10 of 12
    Not for Mommy
    "You don't kiss mommy with your tongue." - Jennifer
    Image: photostock
  • Hungry Much? 11 of 12
    Hungry Much?
    "The fridge is not your personal feeding trough." - Behkey
    Image: photostock
  • Only in Kids 12 of 12
    Only in Kids
    "Oooohhh nooooo don't eat her boogers!!!!" - Angie
    Image: Flickr

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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