New Year's Eve: Then vs. Now

This is my third New Year’s inspired post  this week which is pretty hilarious considering I won’t be doing anything more than watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reruns and unloading the dishwasher come December 31st…but it didn’t used to be that way.

Me and the Mr. used to get all dolled up to go somewhere, anywhere to celebrate with libations and loudness followed by the perfect New Year’s Eve countdown.

While things are mighty different these days, I wouldn’t change it for all the confetti and booty shaking in the world. 

That said, it’s still fun to do a little side-by-side comparison of just how much New Year’s Eve changes once you become a parent!

  • Then: All dressed up 1 of 14
    Then: All dressed up
    Complete with an industrial body shaper, push-up strapless bra, fabulously uncomfortable shoes and killer makeup.
  • Now: All dressed down 2 of 14
    Now: All dressed down
    You know it ladies! No makeup, no bra, and an elastic waistband.
  • Then: Kissing your honey at midnight 3 of 14
    Then: Kissing your honey at midnight
    At the stroke of midnight, you engage in that magical kiss that serves as a promise of love and devotion for the coming year.
  • Now: Kissing your little honey before bed 4 of 14
    Now: Kissing your little honey before bed
    Sweet dreams little one.
  • Then: Drinking games 5 of 14
    Then: Drinking games
    One shot, two shot, three shot...floor!
  • Now: Board Games 6 of 14
    Now: Board Games
    Parents vs. kids! Boys vs. girls! Every man for himself!
  • Then: Partying into the night 7 of 14
    Then: Partying into the night
    You didn't even arrive to your destination until 11pm and you were ready to go all night.
  • Now: Asleep by 10pm… 8 of 14
    Now: Asleep by 10pm...
    ...if you can make it that long.
  • Then: Toasting with spirits 9 of 14
    Then: Toasting with spirits
    It's tradition!
  • Now: Toasting with spirit 10 of 14
    Now: Toasting with spirit
    Sparking apple cider gets the kids in on the fun!
  • Then: A night out 11 of 14
    Then: A night out
    Friends, drinks, and noise!
  • Now: A night in 12 of 14
    Now: A night in
    Kids, junk food, and noise!
  • Then: A New Year’s Day hangover 13 of 14
    Then: A New Year's Day hangover
    You had so much fun that you can't remember any of it.
  • Now: A New Year’s Day breakfast 14 of 14
    Now: A New Year's Day breakfast
    You had so much fun creating memories you never want to forget.

How has New Year’s Eve changed for you since becoming a parent?

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