No More Tears: End The Kids’ Tangles with a Simple Haircut

My daughter has a very hard time with having her hair brushed.

And by hard time I mean that I’m surprised the neighbors haven’t knocked on the door to make sure everything’s still OK.

I’ve let her hair grow out lately, but tomboy that she is, it simply results in a bigger mess to untangle. She doesn’t want it pulled up out of her eyes when she plays outside, but gets frustrated she can’t see. She pushes it back while her hands are covered in mud, and the wind whips around, causing tangles that make me cringe as we work them out. I’ve started to braid it — which keeps the tangles at bay and also pulls it out of her face. We have a no tangle brush that helped, yet she’d keep crying. However, after getting my own hair cut this past weekend, I decided a kids’ haircut might be the best choice for now.

So I took Bella to my salon — a pretty awesome place that offers all kinds of services. I told my stylist before about her coming in, and prepped Bella as well. After all, being asked to lean back in a chair while someone pours water on your head probably wouldn’t go over well with most 4-year-olds.

Bella did wonderfully. Our stylist explained that the dry hair on the ends was keeping her hair constantly tangled up. With that gone, it would be a lot easier to manage now. We didn’t even have to take as much length off as I’d thought.

And this morning? It brushed out like a dream. Here’s the lifesaving (okay, it felt like it in our house) play-by-play:

  • The Before 1 of 6

    As you can see, she truly needed a haircut and style. I love how long it was, but we both were over the work it took to get it manageable in the mornings. Click through to see our day at the salon. 

  • The Salon 2 of 6

    I think this place is pretty swanky. I love how peaceful it is; when I was pregnant I'd come here every so often to get a prenatal massage. Bella loved that chandelier. 

  • Wash and Rinse 3 of 6

    This part cracked me up. For some reason Bella thought she'd need to hold her own head up the entire time. Poor thing. Finally she croaked out, "My neck hurts" and we realized she'd been lifting it up still. 

  • Ready 4 of 6

    I love everything about this picture. She looks so eager to see what happens next. And I seriously wanted to ask if we could take that cape material home with us. 

  • Steady 5 of 6

    Knowing how much kids tend to move their heads around, one stylist gently helped Bella look forward and straight while the other quickly cut. 

  • Go! 6 of 6
    Bella Hair 6-1

    The final result! We didn't even have to take a lot off, but about two inches of dry hair made all the difference. She lightened up with some long layers and that was it! Yay smooth hair! 


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