No, My Kid Does Not Want a Sucker

kid eating sucker
This Is Your 3 Yr Old On Candy

Good on New York City for banning big sodas.

Can we add suckers, and lollipops to the list of things that should be banned too?

The kid-friendly restaurant we go to passes them out with the bill. The bank I go to offers one to my extra cute son when I deposit checks. The liquor store has a jar by the till for kids helping parents carry the beer to the car.

I know they’re being offered up as a gesture of good will, but can’t it just stop?

There’s two big reasons why the lollipop love-in needs to end:

A) it’s candy from strangers
B) it’s candy

My disdain for the candy practice shouldn’t come as a surprise, I’m the “No McDonald’s Dad“, remember?

I’m not a total Grinch. I do appreciate the treats at Halloween, and Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, and Easter, and birthday parties .. etc, I just don’t think random people should offer candy to kids they don’t know.

My grocery store checkout has a roll of stickers they’ll peel off for the kids every now and again. That works. Kids love stickers, they don’t make a mess, they don’t rot teeth, and they don’t send them into sugar shock an hour before I’m going to try and get him to eat broccoli.

Really though, my kids just don’t like candy. My 5yr old will turn it down on his own every time without prompting. He just doesn’t like it.

Still, I don’t see the merit of hardened sugar as a token of politeness. Don’t get it.

As with the McDonald’s debate, I’m expecting many of you will toss the “anything in moderation” snark at me, but that argument just doesn’t fly.

Here’s the thing: I’m not a fast food nazi. I don’t have a moral or ethical objection to it. I just don’t feed it to my kids. My kids have no idea what it is.

Fast food is not a food group. Sugar is not a food group. It’s not something you need to introduce to a toddler or pre schooler’s diet. It’s crap. You know it’s crap.

Everything in moderation doesn’t hold water because there is no common sense reason to introduce it in the first place especially from the random candy lady in a business handing it out trying to be nice.

What’s your take? Am I overreacting, again?

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