LiceLogic – Making Lice Treatment a Little Less Ugly

When we were in the thick of lice treatment I heard story after story about how they never really go away, that you have to comb vigilantly for at least two weeks and that one treatment is never enough. At one point I felt confident enough to proclaim “DING DONG THE LICE ARE GONE!” only to have reply after reply of “You only THINK they’re gone.”

The good news?

They really were gone.

The bad news? Now that it’s happened to us, I live in constant fear of those creatures coming back.

After writing about all the ridiculous things I did to get rid of lice (which obviously worked, hooray!) I was contacted by another mom named Jill who  started her own company to make lice a little less ugly (and far less toxic) for herself and other moms after battling them herself. What she started is LiceLogic and I thank her everyday as I use her products on my kids head.

Did you know that the main ingredient in most lice treatment products is a neurotoxin (permethrin) that is absorbed into your child’s bloodstream through their scalp? If you have to use it multiple times? Oof. I’m glad I didn’t have to. LiceLogic uses nothing but non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients that are formulated and bottled right here in the USA. What makes them super appealing is that they are packaged in stainless steel bottles with pretty, simple labels. While that may not make the product work any better, it certainly makes it far less painful to have them sitting on the counter daily. The bottles don’t scream “I TREAT AND PREVENT LICE! BECAUSE THERE HAVE BEEN LICE IN THIS HOUSE! RIGHT HERE IN THIS ROOM! LICE LICE LICE!”

Even better they come in three scents, rosemary, lavender and lemongrass – I’m wildly thankful for this as the smell of rosemary haunts my dreams now. Addie’s head still smells like roasted chicken on occasion…I think it’s just an aftershock.

We use the shampoo and conditioner twice a week and the prevention spray daily. We never had to use the treatment or the household protection spray (peppermint scented!) but you’d better believe I have it at the ready, for myself (which hopefully never again) or for any friend who admits to being plagued by the little critters.

Lice are hell. I hope you never have to deal with them, but if you do, please remember that there are eco-friendly, non-toxic products available, even more there are preventative measures you can take that smell good, aren’t going to harm you or your child and hopefully keep you lice free forever.

The Logic Product Group also makes BarkLogic for the treatment and prevention of fleas and ticks as well as BedBugLogic for the treatment and protection from *shiver* bedbugs.

The FTC requires me to disclose to you that I was sent LiceLogic products by Jill to keep me out of lice terror (hopefully) forever.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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