Surprise! There’s a New Dr. Seuss Book Coming Soon

One book, two book, red book … NEW book! That’s right: a new Dr. Seuss book is hitting shelves this July! 

Although the beloved rhyme master passed away in 1991, it seems he left behind a few surprises for us. Shortly after his death, Seuss’ wife, Audrey Geisel, remodeled her home and found a box filled with his text and sketches and set them aside. Over 22 years later, she and her husband’s longtime secretary and friend rediscovered the box and unveiled the makings of another Dr. Seuss story.

The manuscript she found, What Pet Should I Get?, features the same brother and sister from his classic book, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. The new book is to be published by Random House Children’s Books on July 28. This couldn’t come at a better time, as this year commemorates 25 years since Seuss’ last book was published.

An excerpt from the new story reads,“But we have to pick ONE pet and pick it out soon. You know mother told us to get back by noon!” Yup, it has that same old rhythmic feel we all know and love.

To honor the revival of Dr. Seuss and his upcoming book, we decided to take a look back at some of his best quotes and life lessons …

Be yourself

Sure, we’ve all tried to be smarter, prettier, funnier … but have you ever tried to be more you? Dr. Seuss reminds us the importance of simply being ourselves.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Just like the Lorax speaks for the trees, we need to speak up for the causes that mean something to us. Remember: any person, no matter how small, is capable of changing the world (or even just yours).

Dream big

As parents, we do our best to raise kids with good sense and the tools they need to succeed, but ultimately they choose their own direction. Encourage them to dream big.

Knowledge is power

Dr. Seuss reminds us the power of a good book — it can both take us to incredible places and give us the knowledge we need to go further in school, our jobs, and more!

Fitting in isn’t everything

From tweens and teens to middle-aged parents, we all have a habit of conforming to what people think is normal. Dr. Seuss reminds us it’s okay to stand out from the crowd.

You can pre-order What Pet Should I Get? at Seussville today!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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