Oh! What She Draws

The first time Addie ever put crayon to paper she was about 18 months old and it was a blue crayon on a coloring sheet with a porcupine. I remember because I looked forward to the day I would be able to hang kids artwork on my fridge more than I looked forward to the day I would ever actually get pregnant. Something about kids art makes my heart feel mushy and fluttery all at the same time so when Addie’s scribbles started to become doodles I begged her for more.

I can remember lying on my stomach in the living room for hours coloring and doodling anything and everything. Unfortunately for me Addie is more of a color-er than a doodle-er but when I do find a little scribble of hers I hurry and scan it in to save it forever and ever. I currently have an enormous box of drawings just waiting to be scanned in (something about having a baby around, productivity, blah blah blah) but for now these are a few of my favorites that Addie has come up with so far (especially her dad in Hello Kitty underpants.)

Another bonus to scanning in and saving all of this work? I can make screen savers and disks for grandparents and other family members so no one has to be without the visual of me surfing on a hot dog.

  • Rudolph and me. 1 of 8
    Rudolph and me.
    Just what every pregnant lady dreams if, gallivanting with Rudolph.
  • Inside my birthday card. 2 of 8
    Inside my birthday card.
    "Look mom! I'm 16 and have a baby! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I still don't know if it was her baby or mine...
  • The Hello Kitty Underpants. 3 of 8
    The Hello Kitty Underpants.
    First she drew her dad wearing her favorite pair of Hello Kitty underpants (bottom) then she drew herself wearing the same underpants only she was sad because her dad had stretched them out. (She drew this one in the waiting room at a doctor's appointment.)
  • Inside my Mother’s Day Card. 4 of 8
    Inside my Mother's Day Card.
    Unicorns, rainbows, smiling clouds and us playing cheerleader. My Mother's Day card is totally better than yours.
  • Our new house. 5 of 8
    Our new house.
    She drew this around the time we moved into our new (not blue) house. I was unaware at the time it came with a giant red and purple cat.
  • Perry the Platypus 6 of 8
    Perry the Platypus
    She drew these from memory. Girl has platypi skills.
  • A pig and a sad person. 7 of 8
    A pig and a sad person.
    Not to mention I'd really like to know what mascara the pig is using because her lashes are luscious.
  • Surfing on a hot dog. 8 of 8
    Surfing on a hot dog.
    There's not much else to add to this one, you know, a mom and a daughter, surfing on hot dogs. Totally normal.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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