Olympian in the Making: Which Sport Could Your Kid Excel In?

Getting Your Child Interested In Olympic Sports via Babble.comI look forward to this every two years: gearing up to the Summer or Winter Olympics! It’s by far my favorite thing to watch during the two weeks the games are on, and it’s something that my kids seem to really get into as well.

Now that I’m a mom, my interest in the games goes beyond just watching the competitions and the incredible athletes. My mind now wonders about the the work behind it all, and the family.

I wonder what these athletes were like as children; what makes them the best at what they do? What sparked their love of their sport and how did they get there? I’m a big believer in encouraging your kids to be the best they can be, and these athletes certainly are examples of that. I want my kids to find what they love, hope to pick up on their skills and gently guide them to a love of being active — without being too pushy about it.

Click through to find out which Olympic sport your child could be great at with a little encouragement:

  • Is your kid an overall great athlete? 1 of 7
    Is your kid an overall great athlete?
    Olympic sport they'd love: Triathlon
    A triathlon consists of running, swimming, and cycling in long distances. It's one of those sports that's perfect for the athlete who has incredible endurance and skill in a variety of areas. Many cities have triathalon clubs, so if you notice your child likes to swim and run, it may be worth seeing if they can bike, too.
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  • Does your kid love to dance? 2 of 7
    Does your kid love to dance?
    Olympic sport they'd love: Synchronized swimming
    Swimming is one of those things all kids should learn. Some take to it slowly, while others are mastering the diving board early on. If your child loves dance and swimming, synchronized swimming may be something to look into.
    Photo credit: Swimmers on
  • Does your kid love water and speed? 3 of 7
    Does your kid love water and speed?
    Olympic sport they'd love: Rowing
    I can't think of a better sport for teamwork ... and incredibly strong arms. This would be a fun way for your kids to get into something that's a little different from the more popular soccer and baseball.
    Photo credit: 8 Men Rowing on
  • Does your kid love to rough-house? 4 of 7
    Does your kid love to rough-house?
    Olympic sport they'd love: Wrestling
    I have a boy who loves to wrestle — and often uses me as his unsuspecting opponent. It's a great way to stay active and in shape. Plus, you have to use great thinking skills trying to figure out the next move before the other guy does.
    Photo credit: Diego Barbieri on
  • Is your kid always climbing about the playground? 5 of 7
    Is your kid always climbing about the playground?
    Olympic sport they'd love: Gymnastics
    What kid doesn't love the playground? If you notice your child could live there and is always doing mind-blowing tricks on the bars, perhaps gymnastics is where they need to be.
    Photo credit: Aspen Photo
  • Does your kid love animals? 6 of 7
    Does your kid love animals?
    Olympic sport they'd love: Equestrian events
    I know a lot of girls who love horses and animals and would spend forever with them if they could. Many may not think about equestrian events, but they can do wonders as far as staying active, and also give your kid an invaluable relationship with his/her horse.
    Photo credit: Horse Jumping on
  • Is your kid a whiz at video games? 7 of 7
    Is your kid a whiz at video games?
    Olympic sport they'd love: Shooting
    If you can't seem to keep your kid away from video games or gun play at home, perhaps you can help encourage a more positive and productive use of their interest and talent. The Olympic sport of shooting will put their eye for the target to good use.
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:: Which summer Olympic sport are you most looking forward to? ::

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