One Year Of Babbling

PicMonkey CollageOne year ago this weekend, I got a seat at the grown up’s table of bloggers and it has been an awesome ride.

Many of us start our little mommy / daddy blogs as a way to diarize the lives of our kids. We want to keep the memories of the stories alive.  In fact, I encourage more people to blog about their kids.

Some of us, have a specific calling in our parenting and the blogs have helped create community. Whether you’re passionate about attachment parenting, breastfeeding, or free ranging, some take to blogging to meet like minded people and gain support.

I fell into blogging by accident. It was fall of 2009, and I was unemployed. It was around this time that Dooce was a rock star rising, and I thought I could dive in and corner the daddy blogging market.  I had no idea there were already hundreds in the niche, but I started DadCAMP anyway.

Along the way I was invited to write for Six Apart‘s now defunct Man of the House, and Erica Ehm‘s Yummy Mummy Club. Then, a year ago, the mouse called and I answered.

In the past year at Babble, I’ve written some 300+ entries that have brought in millions of page views. With that many eyeballs reading your writing comes controversy.  I have no problem poking the box with the topics I write about, but never in my wildest dreams did I think my little ol’ blog would be fodder for discussion around the world.

Here are some of the posts I’ve written over the past 12 months with Babble. I’m thrilled to turn the page and start year 2.

  • April 2012 1 of 12

    My first blog post for was the day after Keifer Sutherland appeared on The Tonight Show telling silly jokes his kids tell. That turned in to a post of 12 Knock Knock Jokes You Can Teach Your Kids.  I thought it would be a perfect one for April Fool's Day.

  • May 2012 2 of 12

    This was the first HUGELY popular post I wrote. A series on 18 of the Best Most Amazing Playgrounds In The World took off on Pinterest, Facebook, and was shared everywhere.

  • June 2012 3 of 12

    This is when my writing started to get a little personal - and controversial.  My post admitting I'm Jealous of (Some) Divorced Parents lit up the comment box.

  • July 2012 4 of 12

    July 2012 saw the tragic movie theatre shooting in Colorado.  Some called my piece How Young Is Too Young For A Midnight Movie an essay in victim shaming, I still stand by the piece as posing serious questions to a generation of parents that puts their own wishes and desires over the needs of their kids.  In other words, at midnight, a 6 year old belongs in bed, not in a movie theatre watching The Dark Knight Rises.

  • August 2012 5 of 12

    Redshirting drives me nuts. I am trying to get my kids on a path to school as set out by the school district, yet others are trying to massage the system for an advantage. I pull no punches in I Won't Redshirt My Kindergarten Kid in calling out parents that are making my family's life more difficult than it should be.

  • September 2012 6 of 12

    This is when it all got real. A series of posts I wrote The Time When My Girlfriend Got Pregnant, and Admit It You Have a Favorite Kid went viral.  That's not an understatement. Everyone from Good Morning America to Fox News was talking about my blog posts.  The topic of "favorite kids" had been tackled by parent bloggers before, and will again, but this was my post and the attention was stifling.

    The attacks from randoms on Facebook and blog posts, the volume of attention in such a short period of time was overwhelming. I do not regret one word of what I wrote. Months later I would write a follow-up underlining my post when a UK study would reveal most parents do, in fact, have favorites but - wow - the attention.

  • October 2012 7 of 12

    There are two styles to my parent blogging: court controversy by asking tough questions, do it up BuzzFeed style.  The first is easy, the second is more fun.  My post The Absolute Worst Things About Being A Parent poked some fun at the things we all have to deal with.


  • November 2012 8 of 12

    In addition to the terrible things about being a parent, there are awesome things too. Inspired by the Book of Awesome, I have an ongoing series called 1000 Awesome Things About Being A Parent.


  • December 2012 9 of 12

    The most pinned post I've ever written is probably 30 Star Wars Snow Flake Printables. The post is so geeky, so awesome, it's one of my top 10 all time posts for views.

  • January 2013 10 of 12

    Being a parent is not that hard. Just use common sense, have fun, loosen up, and you should reach the finish line with some great kids. I tried to show that in my post 12 Laws Of Good Parenting to prove that teeth marks on Lego, and holes in knees are good things!

  • February 2013 11 of 12

    One of my favorite posts to research was discovering different ways to make Valentine's for your family.  14 Cute And Romantic Valentine's Made From Lego still makes me smile.


  • March 2013 12 of 12

    I've started to write more personally again. This post was inspired by an article on Babble that reminded parents that youth is fleeting and to savor every moment of childhood you get presented with.  Zacharie is my 'favorite child', and Why 5 Is The Best Age Ever For Kids served to underline the feeling of just how grateful I am with the chance to be a parent to this wonderful guy.


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