Opposite Sex Friends: When Your Son’s Best Friend Is A Girl

I heard something truly horrible over the weekend in the waiting room while JD was taking karate class. “My son’s friends are all girls—you know what that means. He’s probably gay.”

I was reading a hardcover book and had a hot coffee in my hand. I wanted to throw them both at this woman. Not only did she make an ignorant, blanket statement, but there were kids in the waiting room and adults who might, very well be gay! How did she know that I wasn’t a lesbian? Her tone was not, yippeeeee, my son might be gay. It was, oh crap, my son has so many girl friends, he’s probably gay.

JD has a lot of boy friends from his classroom, but we primarily hang out with Lily, Katelyn, Morgan, and Anna because I am very good friends with their moms and dads, plus they live close to us. I don’t really know the moms from JD’s class. Of course, he’s buddies with Cristiano, but they live forty minutes away so we don’t chill that often.

The thing about JD and his little lady friends: It never occurred to me that he might be gay because he hung out with them—and um, newsflash, hanging out with girls doesn’t make you gay. It’s not like a disease you can catch. JD can befriend whoever he likes. He can be gay and I’d love him the same! Pssst: JD [sarcasm] even has friends of different races. Sheesh!

Struggling to talk to your child about homosexuality? Read this blog I wrote and buy the book.

I would love your opinion on this. I leave you with a picture from this weekend of JD and his best girl friend, Lily before we hit Michael Turco’s Magic & Mayhem show at William Paterson University.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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