Our Colorado Christmas

This Christmas we headed back to Colorado where family and friends are. Both Sam and I grew up there (I have also lived on the east and west coast).

We had a wonderful Christmas there. My family is from a small town in the mountains, so Bella finally got to play in the snow. Right before we left, the snow started up again as well.

When we first moved to El Paso, I missed Colorado terribly. After living here for 2 1/2 years though, I can honestly say that I don’t miss it that much anymore. I like to be warm, I love El Paso’s winters. Colorado was beautiful, but I missed being here.

Somewhere the Diana from 2 1/2 years ago just exploded into a ball of angry flames.

I put some of our photos on Instagram, but others didn’t make it. So here’s a recap of our Colorado Christmas.


  • Our Colorado Christmas 1 of 18

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  • Packing it All 2 of 18

    Getting ready to take this little guy with us to Colorado. He's a good traveler. #famouslastwords

  • Heading Out 3 of 18

    Off we go! Charlie and Bella in the back all snuggled in.

  • The Border of TX and NM 4 of 18

    Border check. We have been through this so many times and yet still get a bit nervous that we might do something wrong.

  • The (literally) Greasy Spoon 5 of 18

    Stopped for dinner at a little diner in the middle of nowhere. So.much.grease. Just so much. 

  • Put it in Writing 6 of 18

    Ready to drive the rest of the way! And look at her special shirt - it said Nana and Papa. She's SO excited.

  • Getting Closer 7 of 18

    I don't know about "colorful" in this picture, but give it a few months. 

  • I Like Warm 8 of 18
    I missed the mountains. Not the cold. Or the snow. But Bella was excited! So she can have my share. 
  • Us 9 of 18

    Breakfast date at our hotel. We had a king suite and it was perfect for our extended stay. 

  • Old Fashioned 10 of 18

    Peeling and coring apples with Nana. My mom has had this nifty little thing since we were kids. It makes boring jobs so much more fun. Now if only it cleaned bathrooms...

  • Learning Patience 11 of 18

    After we peeled and cored the apples, then Bella helped Nana make them into pies. 

  • Shoot ’em Up 12 of 18

    Sam taught me how to shoot. He's waited for years but I was too afraid. It was - pretty awesome. My favorite was his Beretta. 

  • Reptile Love 13 of 18

    Loving her Auntie Alyson's bearded dragon Clark. He was just about the coolest thing I've ever seen. 

  • Sickness 14 of 18

    Post Christmas sick. Except Sam. My entire family had something from my littlest brother, and we just kept passing it around. Like he said, it was the gift that kept on giving. 

  • Nerd Alert 15 of 18

    Spent part of the afternoon with my mom picking up alpaca for knitting, and books in the little local bookstore here. I knew my fellow bookworms would love this.

  • Date Night 16 of 18

    Date night with Sam at the local hotspot for dinner. Bella was with Nana and Papa. I was still sick but plowing through - I figured I'd just be sick at home later and not let that stop making memories here. 

  • Is it Over? 17 of 18

    Judging by the look on owl's face, I'd say the desire to be home had reached epic proportions among the stuffed animals.

  • Home Again 18 of 18
    Heading home. It was beautiful and we had a lovely Christmas, but I was so ready to be warm, play outside, and relax in my own house. And Bella and I were still sick, so I doubly missed my own bed.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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