Our Trip To Disney World (Photos)

There’s nothing I love more than crossing an item off my bucket list and last week I got to do just that when my husband and I took our children to Disney World.

I felt oddly weepy on the drive down remembering the trip twenty years before that I had taken with my parents and three sisters to this very same theme park. Now I was the parent and the kids squealing with excitement in the backseat were my own. Where had the time gone?

The trip was a product of a minor breakdown I had at work one day during which I happened to speak to a friend in a similar state of mind. We booked a house in Orlando that same day and the rest is history. I wish it weren’t. Those five days flew by and I have been revisiting them all week in pictures.

The snapshots in my mind are better than those I managed to capture with my phone and DSLR. I’m still honing my photography skills. Even so, I wanted to share my favorite shots from our trip with you.

  • In line for Toy Story Mania 1 of 13
    In line for Toy Story Mania
    One of the best things about Disney is the attention to detail. They put a lot of work into the rides, but they haven't forgotten that you can spend quite a bit of your time at the park in lines. They make this process more bearable by adding lots of things to look at as you make your way to the front. My kids loved this giant talking Mr. Potato Head.
  • Outside of Muppets 3-D 2 of 13
    Outside of Muppets 3-D
    Easily my favorite show in Hollywood studios, my kids were happy to sit still for the entire experience which is a big change from our normal movie going endeavors at home which involve me pulling them up off the floor and leaving halfway through the film.
  • Watching a 3-D show 3 of 13
    Watching a 3-D show
    Surprisingly, the girls were into wearing these stylish (and functional) glasses.
  • We met Phineas and Ferb 4 of 13
    We met Phineas and Ferb
    Well, sort of, if you can call me standing there staring awkwardly at these guys in costume while my kids buried their faces in my leg a meeting.
  • At the Beauty and the Beast show 5 of 13
    At the Beauty and the Beast show
    I was a little skeptical about how entertaining a show in which they've boiled down the plot to Beauty and the Beast to under a half hour could be. I am glad we didn't skip this one. Anders never took his eyes off the stage. Bright colors and costumes, the classic songs from the movie, dance had it all. My kids are still talking about this one.
  • The Pixar Parade 6 of 13
    The Pixar Parade
    My advice on Disney's parades? You don't want to miss them and neither do the rest of the folks enjoying the park. Grab a seat early unless you want to watch the parade with your kid on your shoulders.
  • A carousel ride in Magic Kingdom 7 of 13
    A carousel ride in Magic Kingdom
    What kid can resist the simple pleasure of riding a stationary horse around in circles? Not this kid. It's a classic.
  • Anders and his new friend Wyatt 8 of 13
    Anders and his new friend Wyatt
    Wyatt seemed less impressed by the magic of the carousel.
  • Tomorrowland in Magic Kindom 9 of 13
    Tomorrowland in Magic Kindom
    This part of Magic Kingdom holds some of my favorite rides. The kids loved the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin best.
  • Disney’s prison 10 of 13
    Disney's prison
    Okay, so they don't actually have a prison in Disney, but the kids were more than happy to pretend.
  • It’s a small world 11 of 13
    It's a small world
    And a long ride.
  • Contemplating the Tower of Terror 12 of 13
    Contemplating the Tower of Terror
    My husband I got in a semi-heated debate about whether Anders was mature enough for this ride. In the end it was irrelevant as Anders opted out.
  • Cinderella’s castle at 3A.M. 13 of 13
    Cinderella's castle at 3A.M.
    Yes, we stayed at Magic Kingdom until three in the morning. They were open 24 hours on February 29th in honor of Leap Year and we took full advantage!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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