Parenting Dilemma: Kids Have A Holiday Break. You Have To Work. Now What?

I’m back at the magazine after a long holiday-weekend break. I can stand to never see a cookie or champagne flute for a good 6 months. JD is off from school until January 2. As I kissed his nose goodbye this morning and thanked my mom for watching him, I couldn’t help but wonder how other parents fare when the kids have school off, but they have to work.

My mom has been visiting since Hurricane Sandy caused damage to the shore condo, so I’m covered. In fact, JD practically kicked me out this morning! I polled a few close friends who gave me their thoughts:

“I’m a teacher, so my break coincides nicely with my child’s time off.” —Jenna

“My husband and I both work and we’re expected back in our offices on the 26th. Each year we take turns saving up a few vacation days so we can manage the holiday break.” —Sara

“College is out! We have a great sitter that watched our kids all through her high school career. She’s a junior in college now, but signs up for babysitting duty for the week the kids have off. She loves seeing our kids and the extra cash.” —Renee

“My oldest daughter is 16 and a junior in high school. Her little brother is 7. My husband and I both work, so we pay her to watch him. She basically has no choice.” —Victoria

“I’m divorced and this year my ex-husband has our son for the holiday break—they’re in Mexico! I miss him, but with work and spending time with my boyfriend (someone he hasn’t met yet) it just works out for the best. —Lori

“I work at an office where my boss is pretty cool with my daughter tagging along. She’s 8 and packs a backpack of things to keep her entertained. It’s not the most ideal situation, but she actually loves coming to work with me and it’s fun to have a lunch date everyday.” —Toni-Ann

“Grandma 911! My mom is retired and my kids are old enough where they don’t drive her crazy. I drop them off at her house on my way to work everyday. Often times my husband picks them up or we all stick around for a meal. It was pot roast last night!” —Sue

“I work from home, so I just wing it when my wife leaves for the office. For the most part, work is pretty light, so I get some quality time in with my boys, 2 and 6. —Brad

“I’m a nurse and while I usually work days, I switch to nights. It’s tiring, but it’s what my family has to do.” —Dani

Working parents, who takes care of the kids over the holiday break? Please share.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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