13 Things That Make Me Proud to be a Parent


My number one job is being a mother. I’m a stay-at-home parent (that writes about my number one job here part-time to keep my brain working.) There is no monetary compensation for my number one job, nor should there be. I love my job. In fact, it doesn’t seem right to call it a job. It’s an awesome way to live a life and I don’t regret my choice to be a mother one bit.

With that said, I have my grouchy moments. Don’t get me wrong, there are days I’d rather jab needles up my fingernails than hear one more whiny voice call my name or try to break up a fight between my kids. My days are full of moments like those, but not the WHOLE day. And those aren’t the things I think about when I go to bed at night.

I am typically remembering other little moments that occurred that day. The little moments that make the challenges obsolete. Little moments that remind me that I love what I do as a parent and little moments that are worth more than any dollar amount. Those are the times when I’m truly compensated for what I do. Those are my paybacks.

Life is full of those paybacks and every day I strive (notice I said, “strive”) to see them. I’m not always successful, but when I’m looking, I’m able to find them. They are the little moments that make me proud to be a mama.

In no particular order, here are 13 payback moments that make me proud to be a parent:

  • I Love You 1 of 12
    I Love You
    Nothing makes me happier to be a parent than when I see my kids being kind to each other. It gives me little warm fuzzies when they're not fighting.
  • First Time Asked 2 of 12
    First Time Asked
    I love it when I only have to ask them to do something once and they listen and go do it. Not having to repeat myself is a huge plus in my book.
  • Napkin Please! 3 of 12
    Napkin Please!
    When I hear "Please" and "Thank you" or "Excuse Me," my heart literally skips a beat. They do listen! I love a kid with manners.
  • Brother Doing Sister’s Hair 4 of 12
    Brother Doing Sister's Hair
    When I pause from the dishes and turn the corner to find this unfolding, I feel like I've won the lottery. It's a huge payback to see them doing something kind for each other without my asking.
  • Play Together 5 of 12
    Play Together
    When my son comes to me and begs me to play Legos or read to him, I'm honored that he still wants to hang with me. One day that won't happen. Who doesn't like to be wanted or needed?
  • Tie Their Shoes 6 of 12
    Tie Their Shoes
    I love to see them accomplish a new skill. Especially when I hear them read or sound out a hard word, figure out a challenging math problem on their own, tie their shoes for the first time or learn to braid hair. Those are moments that prove they are learning and growing.
  • Snuggles 7 of 12
    This picture makes me want to push pause on life. Dear kids, please don't grow up! Always stay small and snuggly!
  • Thinking of Others 8 of 12
    Thinking of Others
    When I don't have to prompt them to do something kind for someone else, like make a birthday card, or draw so-and-so a picture to help them feel better and they come up with that idea on their own, I'm a happy mama. It's a relief to know they think of others.
  • Cute 9 of 12
    Nothing makes me happier than when I witness my kids being cute together. I just want to wrap my arms around them and never let go. The little "cute" moments in the day feed this mama's soul!
  • Step Up to Lend a Hand 10 of 12
    Step Up to Lend a Hand
    My oldest daughter is currently potty-training my 2-year old. She is far more patient and willing. She loves to lend a hand and when she sees I can't get to something, she is willing to help (most of the time!) That's a payback.
  • Peaceful Z’s 11 of 12
    Peaceful Z's
    It's a good thing every day ends with this visual. When they are sleeping peacefully (usually in their beds), I forget about all the grumpy moments and I remember the things that I loved about the day. There's something special about sleeping children.
  • I Love You Mom 12 of 12
    I Love You Mom
    When I hear them tell me they love me, it's rewarding. I love what I do, and that's all I need to hear to keep me going. Being a mother is awesome!


What are your parenting paybacks? What makes you proud to be a parent?

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