Parents Dish: Phrases We Have To Say Over and Over

Parenting is one of those gigs that by doing it day after day can begin to feel just like that — doing the exact same thing over and over again. Kids love routine and everything moves much easier when things are routine.

That is all fine and dandy until it’s the things we have to say to our children — over and over again becomes routine. Kids love to press buttons and push boundaries I swear my kids are off in their own worlds half the day and not at listening to what’s going on in my world.

One phrase I find myself saying over and over again is “you don’t need to yell. I am right beside you!“. My kids have yet to master the idea of the inside voice… I say this at least 3 times a day. It is always comforting to know that I am not the only parent who has to say the same things over and over again for my kids!

Click through to hear from 15 parents as they dish the phrases they have to say over and over again to their children:

  • From Mom – Lori 1 of 15
    From Mom - Lori
    "I said, 'Be quiet!!!!!!'"
    Image: photostock
  • From Mom – Elena 2 of 15
    From Mom - Elena
    ‎"Use an inside voice!"
    Image: Michal Marcol
  • From Mom – Bonnie 3 of 15
    From Mom - Bonnie
    ‎"You don't tell me no!"
    Image: sippakorn
  • From Mom – Christine 4 of 15
    From Mom - Christine
    "Stop screaming and TALK."
    Image: donkeyhotey
  • From Mom – Terra 5 of 15
    From Mom - Terra
    "I don't speak Whine. Can you please speak properly?"
    Image: Stuart Miles
  • From Mom – Jessica 6 of 15
    From Mom - Jessica
    ‎"Don't touch"
    Image: philandpam
  • From Mom – Jennifer 7 of 15
    From Mom - Jennifer
    "Go to bed (at least 100 times a night)"
    Image: Arvind Balaraman
  • From Mom – Kandita 8 of 15
    From Mom - Kandita
    "Because I said so!"
    Image: Ambro
  • From Mom – Krista 9 of 15
    From Mom - Krista
    ‎"I don't want to have to tell you this again."
    Image: Ambro
  • From Mom – Emily 10 of 15
    From Mom - Emily
    "Please be careful!"
    Image: Stuart Miles
  • From Dad – Arik 11 of 15
    From Dad - Arik
    "I'll turn this car around and well just go home!"
    Image: Paul Martin Eldridge
  • From Mom – Liz 12 of 15
    From Mom - Liz
    "If you listened to me the first time, you'd never get in trouble."
    Image: David Castillo Dominici
  • From Mom – Christine 13 of 15
    From Mom - Christine
    ‎"I'm on the phone!"
    Image: roebot
  • From Mom – Kathleen 14 of 15
    From Mom - Kathleen
    "Get your hands out of your pants!"
    Image: Stuart Miles
  • From Mom – Emily 15 of 15
    From Mom - Emily
    "I love you!"
    Image: David Castillo Dominici

These are only 15 of the responses I got back when I asked my friends and readers what phrases they say over and over — to read the rest of the responses visit my Facebook profile and Accustomed Chaos Facebook.

Your turn to dish: What phrase to you find yourself saying over and over again?

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