Parents and Phobias: 20 Things That Creep Us Out

I have to apologize. I lied. In this post about kids and phobias, I mentioned that I’m not afraid of a whole lot. But then I got to thinking and yeah, that was a lie. You see, if I were to be anywhere near a snake (and that means in the same 100-yard vicinity), I’d start running like Forrest Gump and there is no way anyone could stop me until I reached the freaking Great Wall of China. (Run, Mandy, Run!) I’d cry the whole way too. Ew. I can’t even think about those slithery little things without trembling. They are sneaky little buggers. I know that will rub you snake owners the wrong way. My apologies.

(Click through to see what 20 things other parents are afraid of. We’re not all as tough as we appear!)

You see, I get frustrated sometimes with my kids when they are afraid of something (like dogs) and I want so badly to snap them out of it. You know, force them to pet the little, cute puppy in hopes that they’ll overcome their phobia. But honestly, as an adult, you COULD NOT pay me to touch a snake. We bypass the reptile section of the zoo because Mommy isn’t a fan. Yep, totally depriving my children of that opportunity and ask me how much I care. Because I don’t. When they’re the mommy and daddy they can do the same to their kids.

There are those fears that naturally come with parenting such as losing a child, etc…and I have plenty of those as I’m sure every parent has. Those aren’t the phobias I’m referring to here. If I were to write about those fears, I’d never get to sleep tonight.

I read on Facebook about an encounter a friend had with her phobia of spiders. HA! I’m not the only adult that gets the creeps. I called out to my fellow parenting and blogging friends and asked what their phobias were. I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time!

So, we should cut our kids some slack about their phobias because we’re guilty of having them as well.

Here are 20 phobias adults admit to having…

  • Pop! 1 of 20
    "Opening a can of refrigerated biscuits, the kind that POP open. Silly, I know." (Jaime)
    Photo: MorgueFile
  • Feet 2 of 20
    "My phobia is feet, more specifically toes...I will pretty much vomit if I see someone touching their toes together. My kids know this about me and try to 'get me' once in a while -- they seem to think it's funny, but I don't (I sleep with socks on or my husband and I will use different blankets to avoid accidental foot touching). (Devan)
    Photo: MorgueFile
  • What is Lurking Beneath? 3 of 20
    What is Lurking Beneath?
    "Open water (you cannot see the bottom), what's hiding under there?" (Kim)
    Photo: MorgueFile
  • Isolophobia 4 of 20
    Isolophobia is the fear of being alone or solitude. (John)
    Photo: MorgueFile
  • Bouncy Balls 5 of 20
    Bouncy Balls
    "I am convinced my kids will swallow them and choke, kind of like Rose McGowan in Jawbreaker." (Amber)
    Photo: MorgueFile
  • Cotton Balls 6 of 20
    Cotton Balls
    Not sure what's freaky about cotton but they made the phobia list.
    Photo: MorgueFile
  • Roller Coasters 7 of 20
    Roller Coasters
    "I won't let my kids go on roller coasters." -Marinka
    Photo: MorgueFile
  • Spiders 8 of 20
    An encounter my friend had with her phobia went a little like this..."I put on my shoe and thought there was a rock in there. I flipped it over and banged it on the floor to get it out and a GIANT black spider went crawling on its way. AAAHHH! That is the sickest thing ever. I HATE SPIDERS. I am traumatized for life. At least the kids got good entertainment from their mom doing the eww, sick mommy dance and screaming like a little girl." (Jaclyn)
    Photo: MorgueFile
  • Cliff 9 of 20
    "Standing over the edge of 30 foot cliff." (Brian)
    Photo: MorgueFile
  • Bees 10 of 20
    "When I was a camp counselor, my girls would be the ones reassuring me when a bee flew by and I ran 20 feet away." (Alie)
    Photo: MorgueFile
  • Needle 11 of 20
    "Being poked on the inside of my arm where they draw blood. Been freaked out of that sensitive spot since I was a kid." (Lori)
    Photo: PhotoXpress
  • The Potato has Eyes 12 of 20
    The Potato has Eyes
    "Long gangly potato eyes, you know the kind that grow out when you forget about a potato a little too long." (Casey)
    Photo: PhotoXpress
  • Moths 13 of 20
    Ew. I can see why moths aren't on the favorite list. Furry, giant and annoying! (Mandi)
    Photo: MorgueFile
  • BIG spiders 14 of 20
    BIG spiders
    "When I see big spiders, I literally hyperventilate to the point that people have almost called 911 on me twice. I almost passed out at Petco not too long ago because I didn't realize I was standing right next to the tarantula. That word makes my blood pressure rise." (Laura)
    Photo: PhotoXpress
  • Lice 15 of 20
    Oh yeah, that's a good one. What parent would ever want to welcome lice? No thank you! (Casey)
  • Knives 16 of 20
    A very valid phobia, "Being cut by knives." (Lauren)
  • Chalk 17 of 20
    "Chalk because ewwy gross! Chalk makes my skin crawl. When my kids draw on the sidewalk I want to break out in hives." (Amber)
  • Bats 18 of 20
    "Bats! Yuck!" (Kimberly)
  • No Nest Egg 19 of 20
    No Nest Egg
    "I'm afraid of not having a nest egg so I can retire at a decent age." (Holly)
  • Mice 20 of 20
    This was a popular one! "Just the thought of mice freaks me out." (Lyn)


Do you share any of their fears? What are you afraid of?

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