Pictures Of Parents On Phones Ignoring Their Kids

parents on phones
"OMG, Madelyn loves the swings"

I know I’m guilty of losing watch over my kids when we take a trip to the playground. Which is why I may bring the phone with me, but I try to leave it in the car when we’re playing.

The hard part is the iPhone is also my camera. So I take it out to grab a great shot of the boys at the water park and … next thing you know I’m 5 tweets deep into a discussion.

I try not to be “that Dad,” but sometimes it happens.

We know we shouldn’t do it, but damn those phones are addictive. Now other parents with smart phones are spying on you not spying on your kids. Parents on Phones is a tumblog with the tag line “the culture of mobile phones, and parental neglect.”

Guilty parents and their pics, after the jump.

  • Grass 1 of 10
    There's nothing like a sunny summer mother/son/phone lunch on the grass.

    Image Credit Parents On Phones
  • Wave 2 of 10
    Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? Daddy?

    Image Credit Boomer Highway
  • Just Like Dad 3 of 10
    Just Like Dad
    It's a case of monkey see, monkey do. If you ignore them, they'll ignore you.

    Image Credit Parents on Phones
  • Bus 4 of 10
    This might be the way to cure congestion on buses.

    Image Credit Red Hot Pogo
  • Take A Memo 5 of 10
    Take  A Memo
    Okay, she's on the phone but at least she's engaging her daughter in taking some notes.

    Image Credit Ed Yourdon
  • Let Me Tweet This First. 6 of 10
    Let Me Tweet This First.
    This one is an Internet classic.

    Image Credit Asiantown
  • 2 Kids, 1 Phone 7 of 10
    2 Kids, 1 Phone
    The originator of the gossip girl. How many moms do you see never put the phone down the entire time they're "out for a walk?"

    Image Credit Boomer Highway
  • Yeah, Uh-Huh 8 of 10
    Yeah, Uh-Huh
    It's a new game, "Words with Babies."

    Image Credit Mandawho
  • You’re Doing What? 9 of 10
    You're Doing What?
    I don't have to see her face to know what the look is. Put the phone down, or sleep on the couch.

    Image Credit Agent Mom
  • Rodeo 10 of 10
    My wife busted me last weekend at the rodeo not paying any attention. She asked me to turn for a photo, I just said "yeah, sure" and kept my head in my phone. No kids were present in this case of ignoring.

How are you when you’re out with your kids? Is the phone in your pocket, or your hand? Are you always actively engaged with your kids, or do you drift off into the web?

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Image Credit Parents on Phones
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