Parents Share the Reasons They're Lucky

Becoming the mother of two ultra amazing, super hilarious, often annoying, uber adorable boys has made me the luckiest mom in the world. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t praise the heavens for blessing me in such an unbelievable way.

If you’ve ever gazed lovingly into your child’s eyes and wondered how you got to be so lucky; this is the post for you.

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day I asked the Babble readers for what made them feel lucky to be THEIR child’s parent. Your answers were filled enough sublime gratitude to melt my heart like buttah.

Let’s celebrate the gift of parenting with the touching reasons why our Babble readers are lucky to be their child’s parent:

  • I’m grateful 1 of 21
    "At the risk of sounding cheesy - I wonder all the time why God felt I was worthy of being my daughter's mom. Truly. She's such an amazing little person. Bright, funny, sensitive. She's a wonderful gift, for which I am so grateful."
    via Elizabeth The Writer Revived

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  • I’m proud 2 of 21
    "Our kids have grown up to love us and to love each other. Anything luckier than that?"
    @NoRegretsParent via Twitter No Regrets Parenting

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  • I’m joyful 3 of 21
    "Because my kids are funny, messy, loud and a whole lot of wonderful. They remind me to be silly and slow down and LAUGH!"
    @angelaYBlood via Twitter Jumping with my Fingers Crossed

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  • I’m an individual 4 of 21
    "b/c truly, my child teaches me things every day, mainly how to be your own person & not care what others think."
    @mamarific via Twitter Life on the Mamarific Merry-Go-Round

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  • I’m honored 5 of 21
    "I'm lucky to be my son's mother because he's portraying every characteristic a parent wants in a son. Respectful, responsible, and intelligent."
    @kryschameleon via Twitter The Christian Chameleon

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  • I’m learning 6 of 21
    "I am lucky because my children teach me something every day about the person I want to be..strong brave open."
    @ErinYoungblood via Twitter Shelby-Utica Patch

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  • I’m reminded 7 of 21
    "Lucky because she's me and my husband - reminding me to love and cherish all the things that drive me batty..."
    @sarahlipoff via Twitter So says Sarah...

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  • I’m blessed 8 of 21
    "I'm so blessed that I have 2 wonderful, sweet, intelligent offspring. I'm amazed by how kind and thoughtful they are to others and on occasion to each other. Even though they are tween/teen and BOTH taller than me, they're my "littles" and I'm so proud to be their Mom!"
    via Jamie A Dash of Domestic

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  • I’m rested 9 of 21
    "I'm lucky to be the mother of MY boys, because they are the best sleepers! My younger son sleeps from 7 pm to 7 am, and has slept like that since he was 3 months old. My older son naps for three hours in the afternoon. I'm SO LUCKY! And their personalities are great, obviously..."
    via Ladera Mom

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  • I’m smiling 10 of 21
    "Lucky because even on a very bad day they make me smile and laugh even at the most mundane of things."
    @Dooritos via Twitter Just the Things and I

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  • I’m living 11 of 21
    "I'm sober and alive thanks to my daughter."
    via Robin

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  • I’m cheesy 12 of 21
    "I'm lucky because she shares her cheese with me and I LOVE cheese :-)"
    @Pchopcoop via Twitter

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  • I’m inspired 13 of 21
    "Baby girl has mama with craft skills... 🙂 I too love to be taught by my little sponge!!!"
    via Sandra Sandra's Gifts

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  • I’m happy 14 of 21
    "I am lucky because every day my children make me laugh. They also put life into perspective and show me what is really important. The laundry can wait, but playing catch, reading a book, or cuddling on the couch cannot."
    via Suzie

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  • I’m relearning 15 of 21
    "I'm lucky because I get to see my world through a fresh pair of eyes and relearn the beauty and wonder."
    @MrsWndr via Twitter Sunshine Wonderland

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  • I’m different 16 of 21
    "I am so lucky to my baby girl's mom because she has changed my life for the better & makes me a better person."
    @paw_mommy via Twitter michelle.is

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  • I’m understanding 17 of 21
    "My daughter has helped me understand myself better and my son helped me understand my husband better. Truly."
    @bereccha5 via Twitter Connelly Confusion

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  • I’m impressed 18 of 21
    "Because my son constantly takes my breath away with his kindness and desire to be a good person."
    @ericabz via Twitter Sitting around

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  • I’m loved 19 of 21
    "My heart grew. That's why I'm lucky."
    via Laryssa

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  • I’m in awe 20 of 21
    "I'm LUCKY to be my boys mom because they teach me more than I teach them! Seriously, how did I birth small boy genuises?"
    via Lisa Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

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  • I’m taught 21 of 21
    "They are both so tender hearted and forgiving. What a lesson!"
    @mamafulton via Twitter

    [Photo credit: Shutterstock]

What makes you lucky to be your kid’s parent?

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