Printmaking for Kids: Pencil-Printed Cherry Blossoms

Spring Crafts Pencil Printmaking


  • Supplies:


  • Pencils with clean erasers and dull points
  • Plate with washable paint (I prefer acrylic craft paint or washable tempera paint)
  • Note: I used dark pink, light pink, and yellow – but you could use any colors you have on hand.
  • Paper, blank note cards, or gift bags
  • Brown crayon for drawing stems (or black/brown markers or brown water color paint and a clean drinking straw)

You have a few different options for creating the cherry blossom branch. The first is to just draw a branch on your paper with a brown marker or crayon. The second option is to paint a branch with brown watercolor paint or washable craft paint. The third option (and what I did with my kids) is to make a small puddle of very watery brown watercolor paint at the bottom of the page, then use a clean drinking straw to blow the puddle to create an artsy tree branch! After you get a branch on your page, you’ll be ready to add some stamped blossoms.

A common pencil eraser makes a great (and simple) circle to stamp or print with. I like to dip mine in a small puddle of paint. If you stamp five small pink circles around a small yellow stamped flower center (made with a second pencil) you can create darling little cherry or apple blossoms. I like to use the dull tip of a pencil to drag the wet yellow paint from the center of the flower out into small lines (like star) to create an interesting (and more realistic) look for the blossoms.


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