Perfectly Sloppy, Homemade, and Haunting Halloween Costumes!

My family took a trip to the NY Botanical Gardens on Monday to check out their Haunted Pumpkin Garden. It was amazing!  I was pleasantly surprised to see the employees wearing perfectly sloppy, homemade, and haunting Halloween costumes. In my ideal world, this is what every Halloween costume would look like. After the jump, check out these amazing costumes and get inspired. Which one is your favorite: The cat, the bear, the skeleton, the old lady or the DRAGON?

These creatures walked around the pumpkin patch, danced, and took pictures with the kids. My kids adored them! Enjoy the slide show!

  • The Dragon 1 of 10
    The Dragon
    It reminded me the the creatures from the movie The Village. Doesn't it?
  • Close Up of the Dragon’s Eyes 2 of 10
    Close Up of the Dragon's Eyes
    The colors were gorgeous on this sunny fall day.
  • The Dragon’s Back 3 of 10
    The Dragon's Back
    Look at that! Lids from cans, some yarn, and fabric scraps. Easy and adorable!
  • So Brave! 4 of 10
    So Brave!
    My son wouldn't let go of the dragon's claws! Would you dare?
  • Another View of the Dragon. 5 of 10
    Another View of the Dragon.
    Love the hunchback!
  • The Old Lady 6 of 10
    The Old Lady
    This costume cracked me up!
  • Check Out Her Nose! 7 of 10
    Check Out Her Nose!
  • Another Cat at the Party 8 of 10
    Another Cat at the Party
    The cats whiskers where the best part of this costume for me.
  • A Sad Bear 9 of 10
    A Sad Bear
    This costume stole my heart.
  • The Glamorous Skeleton 10 of 10
    The Glamorous Skeleton
    It's silly and scary all at once.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? I think my entire family is going to be vampires! Awesome or Passe?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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