Pirates and Pumpkins and Superheroes, Oh My! 50 Instagram Photos to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

Sure, kids love dressing up for Halloween and stuffing their faces with Snickers after Snickers, but don’t let their parents fool ya: They love All Hallow’s Eve just as much as the kids. Can you guess why? For the photos, of course. There’s nothing mom and dad love more than showing off their kid in a ridiculously adorable Halloween getup.

And you know what … we don’t mind, either. From pigs and lions to superheroes and pumpkin patch kids, we rounded up the 50 best Halloween Instagram photos taken by some of our favorite bloggers. Get in the Halloween spirit and check them out, after the jump!  — Jenn Gimbel



  • The ultimate gamers 1 of 50
    We're dying to know how Mario rescued Princess Toadstool — we've been trying since 1987.
    — Photo by Sarah James, @Whoorl, Beauty and the Beat
  • Peter Parker 2 of 50
    His trusted spidey senses told him that Halloween was only one week away. Better start practicing saving people.
    — Photo by Susan Petersen, @FreshlyPicked, The New Home-ec blogger
  • Down in the dumps 3 of 50
    He was just told his bat mobile was stolen … again.
    —Photo by Catherine Connors, @HerBadMother, Bad Mother Confidential
  • Life on Sesame Street 4 of 50
    Tickle me … I dare ya.
    — Photo by Keli Hoskins, @KeliHoskins, Kidnapped by Suburbia
  • Cream of the crop 5 of 50
    "Mom, quick! Take the picture! These gourds are looking at
    me funny."
    — Photo by Natalie Holbrook, @NatTheFatRat, Toddler Times and Family Style blogger
  • The mask of toddler 6 of 50
    Mask? Check. Cape? Check. This toddler is ready to save
    the world.
    — Photo by Miss James Bleubird, @BleuBird, Bleubird
  • Darth in formal wear 7 of 50
    Hey, wait! Aren't you Luke's father?
    —Photo by Rebecca Woolf, @GirlsGoneChild, Gone Child(ssss)
  • Pig out 8 of 50
    "Until Halloween, I'll only be answering questions with one word: oink."
    — Photo by Ilana Wiles, @MommyShorts, Being Pregnant blogger
  • The strangers 9 of 50
    There's something oddly disturbing about plain clothes and furry masks. We can't quite put our paw on it …
    — Photo by Denise Bove, @DeniseBove, We Go To & Fro
  • Supergirl 10 of 50
    When she put her mask on, she became a different kid. Just ask her mama …
    — Photo by Amanda Williams, @Life_Edited, Life Edited
  • The pumpkin patch kids 11 of 50
    We can't decide who's cuter: the little boy who looks like he just pooped his pants or his friend, who's trying to eat his hand. Tough call.
    — Photo by Moriah Sunde, @MoriahSunde, Moriah Makes
  • The princess and the toad 12 of 50
    "Mom, why do I always have to be the warty frog?!"
    — Photo by Kelle Hampton, @Etst, Enjoying the Small Things
  • The purrrfect costume 13 of 50
    This feline's ready to prowl the streets for her trick-or-treat goodies.
    — Photo by Cheeky Kitchen, @CheekyKitchen, Family Kitchen blogger
  • New breeds 14 of 50
    The bunny-cat … coming to a doorstep near you this Halloween.
    — Photo by Rachelle Francey, @KenziePoo, Kenzie Poo
  • Skin and bones 15 of 50
    We'd imagine wearing skeleton jammies to bed would give these kids some wicked scary nightmares …
    — Photo by Liz Stanley, @SayYesToHoboken, Family Style blogger
  • Fall festivities 16 of 50
    Let's get this hayride on the road!
    — Photo by Lauren Hartmann, @TheLittleThingsWeDo, Baby's First Year blogger
  • The dark knight 17 of 50
    If Halloween weren't a week away, we'd swear Batman was taking up residence here.
    — Photo by Pauline Karwowski, @ClassyChaos, Classy Chaos
  • Hot diggity dog 18 of 50
    This Halloween costume looks downright edible. (And we think he's a little excited about it.)
    — Photo by Katie Granju, @KGranju, Home/Work
  • Garden terror 19 of 50
    We have a feeling this tot is too cute to scare away any crows …
    — Photo by Andrea Updyke, @AndreaUpdyke, Lil Kid Things
  • Shark attack 20 of 50
    This pup never wanted to be a fish, but if the fin fits …
    — Photo by Mandy, @TeamMandy, The Haps
  • Orange everywhere 21 of 50
    The pumpkins quivered in fear when they realized they were about to become dessert. Piece of pie, anyone?
    — Photo by Danielle Elwood, @DanielleAElwood, Toddler Times blogger
  • Potion control 22 of 50
    Safe hex education — coming to a witches' school near you.
    — Photo by Meagan Shemenski, @FairlyFabulous1, Fairly Fabulous
  • The three amigos 23 of 50
    We haven't seen this good a paint job since … well … ever.
    — Photo by Ana Flores, @LAFlowers, Besos
  • Nice pick 24 of 50
    She searched high and low for the best pumpkin in the patch. Good choice.
    — Photo by Lauren Jimeson, @AMommyInTheCity, Baby's First Year blogger
  • Shiver me timbers 25 of 50
    She only became a pirate for the treasure. Oh, and the plastic sword's pretty cool, too.
    — Photo by Madeleine, @MadInLA
  • Nice ride 26 of 50
    We spy, with our little eye: Four big wheels, three red wagon panels, two girls ready for fall, and one proud papa.
    — Photo by Selena, @LePetitReve, Toddler Times blogger
  • Cup o scare 27 of 50
    Drink out of this mug, and you'll be shouting "Boo!" with every sip!
    — Photo by Kristen Doyle @DineAndDish, Dine and Dish
  • Olé! 28 of 50
    Walking's for amateurs … she'll be doing the salsa from house to house this Halloween.
    — Photo by Franki Arnold, @BellaMummy, Those Young Moms
  • Faux real 29 of 50
    She was just told her headdress was made with synthetic feathers. Bummer.
    —Photo by Danni Remender, @DanniRemender
  • To infinity and beyond 30 of 50
    It looks like Buzz overdosed on pumpkin pie again …
    — Photo by Erin Lane, @ErinCLane, A Parenting Production
  • To the rescue! 31 of 50
    "Mom, there's no time for pictures. The Joker's waiting for his beat-down."
    — Photo by Meghan Gesswein, @MeghanGWine, Kid Scoop blogger
  • The mask 32 of 50
    We're not sure what's creeping us out more: the evil grin, pupil-less eyes, or sinister mustache.
    — Photo by Ciaran Blumenfeld, @Momfluential, Casa de Chaos
  • Speak for the trees 33 of 50
    Nothing embodies Halloween like creating your own original costume. This year, Vivi will be going as a leaf pile. Genius.
    — Photo by Casey Mullins, @MooshInIndy, Shutterlovely
  • Ahoy, mateys! 34 of 50
    Johnny Depp has nothing on these pirates.
    — Photo by Shelby Barone, @GlitterfulFelt, Felt Stories
  • A new perspective 35 of 50
    Orange you glad I didn't say … pumpkin!
    — Photo by Lisa Leonard, @LisaLeonard, Lisa Leonard Blog
  • Brave girl 36 of 50
    She was practicing her bow-and-arrow skills to battle unruly zombies come Halloween.
    — Photo by Cecily Kellogg, @CecilyK, Uppercase Lowdown
  • Bed of pumpkins 37 of 50
    There's nothing quite like laying in a pile of gourds to get you in the autumn spirit.
    — Photo by Nadia Carriere, @ ChildMode, Child Mode
  • Baby superheroes 38 of 50
    Yes, it's true. Sometimes, even Batman needs her mommy.
    — Photo by Ryan Marshall, @RyanMarshall__
  • Eye of the tiger 39 of 50
    Is it just us, or is this tiger blind as a bat?
    — Photo by Rachel Denbow, @SmileAndWave, Smile and Wave
  • Halloween throwback 40 of 50
    There's nothing better than a vintage jack ‘o' lantern photo to get your kids in the Halloween spirit!
    — Photo by Charlie Capen and Andy Herald, @HowToBeADad, Night of the Living Dads
  • Angry bird 41 of 50
    No need to get your feathers ruffled — there's plenty of Halloween candy to go around.
    — Photo by @ShellThings, Things I Can't Say
  • The gourd-geous toddler 42 of 50
    Her mom just told her that she's not really a pumpkin. Yeah, we're shocked, too.
    — Photo by Nicole Balch, @MakingItLovely, Family Style blogger
  • Puppy chauffeur 43 of 50
    We wonder at what age you can get your license in doggy years.
    — Photo by Stasha, @NorthwestMommy, Northwest Mommy
  • Apple of our eye 44 of 50
    How many bites does it take to get to the core of a caramel apple? We're not sure, but we'll gladly find out.
    — Photo by Melissa Jordan, @WithoutMelissa, Dear Baby
  • Pumpkin bumpkin 45 of 50
    "I'm only cheesin' because mommy promised me candy if I didn't cry." Smart guy.
    — Photo by Dani Hampton, @DaniHampton, Sometimes Sweet
  • The land before time 46 of 50
    Finally, he was reunited with his long-lost brother. It had been
    too long.
    — Photo by Buzz Bishop, @BuzzBishop, Dadding blogger
  • Fall fashion 47 of 50
    Never have pumpkins looked so demure — or macho!
    — Photo by Kirsten Grove, @SimplyGrove, Simply Grove
  • Triple threat 48 of 50
    Skeletons, and spiders, and skulls, oh my!
    — Photo by Alison Faulkner, @TheAlisonShow, The Alison Show
  • Freshly picked 49 of 50
    After searching all day, she found the perfect pumpkin to carve this Halloween — and made sure everyone knew it.
    — Photo by Andrea, @HulaSeventy, Hula Seventy
  • Fine carving 50 of 50
    We're not sure if we should be scared or amused by this motley crew of jack ‘o' lanterns.
    — Photo by Whit Honea, @WhitHonea, Dadding blogger

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