I Swear to be Honest and Faithful to My Tooth Fairy Duties.

*please raise your right hand and repeat after me*

I, (your name), mother of (child’s name) solemnly swear and covenant to not forget tooth fairy duties this evening.

No matter how tired I may be, no matter how early I have to get up in the morning, no matter how low I am on cash…I promise I will sneak into the room of my sleeping child, remove his/her tooth from under his/her pillow and place a (insert monetary amount here) in its place lest I live with the guilt of forgetting my tooth fairy duties forever.

*you may now put your hand down*

Tonight is my first night on tooth fairy duty, despite this being the third tooth she’s lost, tonight is the first night I’ve actually been in the same state as her lost tooth. For some reason the kid has a knack for losing teeth when I’m out of town and tooth fairy duty is left up to others. I also have a number of friends who have failed miserably at tooth fairy duty, forgetting for any number of reasons.

I swear that won’t be me tonight.

I was driving home when I got a call from a neighbor “Hi, Casey? It’s Mindy, I have Addie’s tooth here, you may, you know, need it tonight?”

Even though I’m not out of town, she still manages to leave her body parts at other peoples houses.

I dropped by, picked up the tooth and made sure Addie put it in her tooth fairy pillow under her own pillow. I double checked to be sure it was easily accessible to me in about an hour and kissed her goodnight.

“MOM! MY FAN! MY FAN WILL BLOW THE TOOTH FAIRY AWAY BECAUSE SHE’S SO TINY!” (She sleeps with a fan on for white noise.)

I tried to reason with her that the tooth fairy would come from the end of her bed thus avoiding the fan altogether (I didn’t bother to tell her the tooth fairy is so big no fan has been able to blow her over ever) but she still wasn’t convinced, so she wrote the tooth fairy a warning letter.

I love this kid so much. I’m so happy I get to be her tooth fairy tonight.

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