POLL: Is This Outfit Too Girly For My Son?

is this a girl snow suitThere has already been some playground teasing in the first month of kindergarten for my son.

He likes to play with everybody, and after one day of lunch with the girls, some of his boy friends said “You’re Monica’s girlfriend.”

When we chose the names for our boys, my wife was very careful to play the nickname game. She rhymed out every possible name for the boys with our last name to make sure there were no teasable nicknames that could be made.

Now we’re worrying about his clothes. We don’t like to dress our kids in dark and drab outfits. Last year they had bright orange winter coats, this year none were to be found. So we chose bright blue.

My wife bought the snowsuit at the left, and despite loving it, she’s worried she bought a girl’s outfit for our son.

Even at the store she wasn’t sure if she had bought a boy’s suit or a girl’s suit. “What kind of child do you think I have?” she asked the clerk. “A girl,” he responded. She bought it anyway.

Last night she had a dream about the snowsuit. Well, more like a Mom-nightmare. She dreamt that three other girls in my son’s class showed up on the first day of snow wearing the exact same suit. They were all playing Ring Around the Rosie, and our son was the Pig in the Middle as all the classmates teased.

snowsuitWhat would you say if someone says you look like a girl?” We asked him as he tried the suit on at breakfast this morning. “Would you care?”

No.” he said. “I would say I don’t like you saying that to me.

“Do you still want it, or should I get a red one?”

“Nooooo, I love it!”

But still we wonder.

So, Babble, I need some help – what do you think? Is it a girly outfit? Does it matter? Would you buy this for your 5 year old son?

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