Preserving Memories: 8 Bloggers Share Their Favorite Keepsake Ornaments

As I decorated our Christmas tree earlier this month, I was overcome by a flood of family memories. We have so many special keepsake ornaments which all have significance for different reasons.

Some, like the silver bird whose polish is worn in places, was passed down from my grandmother who died before I was born. Some are from my childhood, like the little red sleigh with “Merry Christmas 1987” painted across the bottom. Others were made more recently by my children in preschool, my favorite of which bear their tiny handprints.

Every family has ornaments like these, each with a story of its own. I asked readers and fellow bloggers to share their families’ favorite Christmas ornaments. Some are funny and some are likely to bring a tear to your eye, but they’re all special because of the memories they contain.

Does your family have a favorite Christmas ornament? Tell us in the comments below.

  • From Grandma with Love 1 of 8
    From Grandma with Love
    My kids love to look through each ornament and learn the stories behind them. It's part of the magic of the season in our home. This year their Mimi sent them each a special ornament. Sometimes the distance is difficult for the kids to understand, and they miss their grandparents. These little reminders keep Mimi close in our hearts as we celebrate the season on opposite sides of the country.
    - Katie, of Practical Parenting
  • A Beloved Family Pet 2 of 8
    A Beloved Family Pet
    It's of our sweet kitty named Donut. He was our family cat that the girls adopted when they were very little. Two years ago he died tragically right before the holidays so my best friend made this ornament for them. It's the last ornament that goes on the tree and he always goes right in the front. All of my girls love seeing him on our tree each year.
    - Tracy, of Sellabit Mum
  • Keeping a Legacy Alive 3 of 8
    Keeping a Legacy Alive
    This ornament is super special to my family because we got it 7 years ago after my husband's dad passed away. He never got to meet his grandsons, but we hang it each year and talk about Papa Steve and how much he would have loved to spoil his grandsons.
    - Katie, of Sluiter Nation
  • A New Tradition 4 of 8
    A New Tradition
    We have a special ornament for each child. Our oldest has a glass-blown owl and our newest has a sweet little fox! When they have their own tree someday, we'll pass the ornaments on to them.
    - Lacy, of Living on Love
  • A Family Keepsake 5 of 8
    A Family Keepsake
    It's hard to pick MINE, but it's easy on my Mom's tree. Every year, the ornament hanging front and center is a candle my dad made when he was in kindergarten or first grade. It's beloved beyond words, and he even jokes about who he'll leave it to in his will.
    - Angela, of Tread Softly
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  • Little Angels 6 of 8
    Little Angels
    The doily and glitter angels with our kids' faces on them, made in pre-K. Cute and ironic.
    - Abby, of Abby off the Record
  • A Wedding Memory 7 of 8
    A Wedding Memory
    The holiday season holds a special meaning for my husband and me--we were married a few days after Christmas and always look forward to putting the first ornament we bought together as husband and wife. It's a simple ornament that bears our wedding date in our wedding colors. We'll celebrate 5 years this year, on December 29th!
    - Chaunie, of Tiny Blue Lines
  • Tiny Dancer 8 of 8
    Tiny Dancer
    I have a ballerina ornament from when I was a little girl. It is a ballerina dancing in gazebo-type thing, and there is a hole in the top where you can insert a bulb from your Christmas tree to spotlight the ballerina. It was always the first ornament up on our tree. I gave it to my daughter, who loves ballerinas, to keep the tradition going. She loves it almost as much as I do.
    - Sam, of Real Mom of NJ
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