12 Stylish Prints for Kids Rooms

  • Ms. Sun and Mr. Moon 1 of 12
    Ms. Sun and Mr. Moon
    Whether your kid’s a night owl or early riser — or both — these adorable prints are sure to brighten a room day or night.
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  • Geometric Animal Alphabet 2 of 12
    Geometric Animal Alphabet
    Stylish and functional! These spartan, geometric renderings of 26 animals correspond to the letters of the alphabet — great for letting your child dream about the wild world, or just brush up
    on his spelling.
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  • Nautical Print 3 of 12
    Nautical Print
    Oh buoy! This print of colorful wooden buoys would be perfect for a boat-obsessed kid — while keeping with chic parents’ stylish sensibilities.
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  • Educational Art 4 of 12
    Educational Art
    What better way to remind your kids there’s a whole big world out there than a colorful, educational map? Brainy parents and tots will agree on this vintage version.
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  • Minimalist Film Posters 5 of 12
    Minimalist Film Posters
    Got a tiny film buff in the making? These posters that feature classics such as Mary Poppins, Snow White, and Pinocchio would be great additions to his or her room.
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  • Quotable Wall Art 6 of 12
    Quotable Wall Art
    The quotes featured on these gorgeous posters from Etsy are as smart as the stylish artwork that accompanies them. No matter the changing theme of your kid’s room, these will always fit in.
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  • Bold Graphics 7 of 12
    Bold Graphics
    We love these clear, crisp prints of whimsical images that kids will dig, too — a fun addition to any arty playroom.
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  • My Milk Toof 8 of 12
    My Milk Toof
    Even if you’re not familiar with the mishaps in miniature depicted in the adorable My Milk Toof photo blog, you’ll be smitten with the two polymer-clay protagonists. This could also be a whimsical gift from the Tooth Fairy!
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  • Botanical Prints 9 of 12
    Botanical Prints
    How does your garden grow? If you hang these prints in a light, outdoorsy kids’ room,
    we’d say quite nicely!
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  • Thumbprint Family Tree 10 of 12
    Thumbprint Family Tree
    If your family tree takes on a unique shape, this customizable thumbprint version lets you add in as many members as you’d like — plus, half of the profits from this print go towards helping families with adoption fees.
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  • Large-Scale Photo Art 11 of 12
    Large-Scale Photo Art
    We love the grainy, weathered look given to these photos once they’re blown up and hung on a wall. Best of all, you can complete this project in a weekend for just 5 bucks.
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  • Personalized Graphic Prints 12 of 12
    Personalized Graphic Prints
    Isn’t the vintage wallpaper feel to these customized prints just charming? Perfect for letting your child feel right at home — while keeping with your stylish aesthetic.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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