PSA: Mom Jeans Are Bad for Your Mental Health

Me in my Levi's Mid Rise Skinny jeans

Oh mom jeans, with your high waist, front pleats, and ample rear designed to highlight, but never flatter the upside down heart-shaped derrière. While you usually come in an awful denim washes and ankle or capri lengths, moms the world over have flocked to your comfort and ignored your obvious lack of style.

Listen, I get the appeal of mom jeans. I get it so much that I actually…deep breath…(gulp) own a pair. Sure, I bought them in a moment of postpartum desperation but I lived in mom jeans for the better part of 10 months as they served as a welcome and socially acceptable departure from maternity yoga pants.

I share my bitter truth as a PSA with love: Mom jeans are bad for your mental health. And not just kinda bad, really-really bad.

You see, mom jeans tell the world you’ve all but given up on style in favor of comfort and motherhood. You ought to know making that decision is a slippery slope, my friends. In our most desperate and fickle body moments we tend to view fashion in terms of absolutes, as having to make a choice between style or comfort. Fashion needn’t be black or white; there are beautiful (and fashionable) shades of grey while looking as fierce as we ever were.

There are shoes that are comfortable and stylish. There are bras that are pretty and supportive. And most importantly, there are jeans that are stylish and comfortable that fit and flatter! I know so because I found them in Levi’s.

Friends, Levi’s knows a woman’s wicked curves and decided to celebrate them with more washes, styles, and fits than a woman could ever ask for.

As much as I love being a mom, when I’m out for a girls’ night without my kids, the last thing I want is to look like a mom. I don’t need my jeans giving me away. I want to look smokin’ hot in a pair of jeans I can dress up or down. I want denim wardrobe staples that hug my curves in all the right places and leave me looking like a woman who not only knows how to dress, but who hasn’t given up on herself or her femininity.

My favorite new denim find is Levi’s Mid Rise Skinny jean. With just a hint of stretch, they offer the comfort I love while maintaining their structure.

Take a look at this hilarious SNL sketch about mom jeans and keep laughing all the way to the Levi’s display because Honey, you’re hotter than mom jeans would ever allow you to be. You’ve got a body worth celebrating in Levi’s.

C’mon, you can tell me. Do you have a pair of mom jeans lurking in your closet?

A big thanks to Levi’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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