7 Amazing Qualities Kids Should Keep Forever

I was sitting on the couch yesterday – one of the rare moments where I was able to just sit. I am usually doing four or five things at once – balancing the kids, work (I work from home) and taking care of the household – and so that moment to sit truly was rare.

I was watching my three kids playing in front of me. Each on their own doing their own thing. Big P was playing with his cars quietly mimicking the engines revving. Princess R was sitting quietly on the floor tracing the pages on a book with her finger. Babe E was putting a crown on her head and dressing up in high heals (typical toddler). The only sounds that filled the air was the sounds of their imagination.

I realized something during that moment of quiet. Though I have know for 6 years that kids are incredible I never realized the qualities children gave. Qualities that are rare to find in adults these days.

Click through for a list of 7 amazing qualities that I wish kids could keep forever:

  • Imagination At Its Best 1 of 7
    Imagination At Its Best
    You can give a kid two toys (or no toys) and they will put on a full story straight from their imagination.
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  • Excitement In the Seasons 2 of 7
    Excitement In the Seasons
    I hate the winter and I'm not a fan of the rain either. Kids however can find the fun in any season and any weather.
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  • Simple is Better 3 of 7
    Simple is Better
    The more simple a toy the more fun they seem to have. Hours of fun with a cardboard box is uniquely childlike.
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  • Dirty is the Goal 4 of 7
    Dirty is the Goal
    I spend a lot of my adult time not wanting to get dirty. Kids love dirt — the dirtier, the better.
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  • Food is Fun 5 of 7
    Food is Fun
    Trying new things and using creativity in food to come up with fun new combinations. No excuses for what they like, kids just go with it.
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  • Everything is New 6 of 7
    Everything is New
    Climbing a tree for the first time or seeing a race car in real life: kids are able to enjoy and get excited over discovering the world.
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  • No Filter Honesty 7 of 7
    No Filter Honesty
    Love it or hate it, kids love to tell it like it is. With a still-developing social filter, you can never really know what will come out of their mouths next.
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:: Have you noticed any amazingly unique qualities in children?  ::

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