Quick Ways to Connect with Your Kids When You’re a Busy Working Mom

These last few months have been extremely busy for me. Between working full-time (outside of the home), raising my kid, blog writing at night and trying to finish a 120 page thesis – I’m stretched a wee bit thin. Then there’s laundry, food shopping, cooking and cleaning to get done. Okay, okay…maybe I’m not really keeping up with the cooking and cleaning part.

These last few months, it’s been hard to find time to spend with Norrin. For the last few weekends, my husband, Joseph, has been taking Norrin out – to the pool, the park, to the car show. And while I know they need their own quality time together, I’m a little jealous I can’t be part of it.

It’s hard for many moms to find time in their busy day to day to spend a few moments to share with their kids. A few weeks ago, I asked some of my favorite blogueras for advice on how they manage their work/life balance to connect with their kids.

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Ultimately, whether you take a walk on the beach, take a quick trip to the zoo, eat lunch at home or spend five to ten minutes reading a story – it doesn’t matter what you do or where you go so long as you are taking the time to truly engage with your kids.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. I’m typing this, listening to the hum of the washing machine while Norrin is sitting beside me. As soon as I hit publish, we’ll take a quick trip to the park. Then we’ll come back home, I’ll set a timer for myself to get work done. When the timer goes off, I’ll read a story to Norrin.

Balance. Making the time whenever and however I can.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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