Mom’s Dream List: Toys That Entertain Your Kids — Quietly

Let’s face it: kids can be quite loud.  The more kids you have, the louder it can be too and there are more than a few times during the week where I just crave the quiet. Even for 15 minutes that quiet can help replenish me and it’s good for the kids.

In my house I have three kids who I am with nearly all the time. Big P and Princess R go to school only twice (sometimes three times) a week, and the rest of the time they hang out with me at home.  Things get loud. I get ‘touched out’ and I have work to do at home, being a work-at-home mom.

Thankfully my kids are now at the age where they will play on their own. There are some toys out there that make me want to scream because they just make an already noisy room even noisier. I prefer toys that do not add to the noise level of the house, but will also keep the kids entertained and engaged for more then 10 minutes. With some experimenting, lots of trial and error I discovered such toys do exist!

Click through to see my picks for the best toys to keep your kids off you and quietly entertained:

  • Simple Wooden Blocks 1 of 7
    Simple Wooden Blocks
    The beauty of these type of toys lie in their simplicity. The ability to make creation after creation keeps kids entertained for a long time.
    Get Your Own From: Melissa and Doug
  • Marbles-a-plenty 2 of 7
    If you had asked me a few months ago about this one I would tell you that you were crazy. Marbles? Really? Sounds like torture waiting to happen. Then my dad got some for my 5 year old and QUIET happened for hours.
    Get Your Own From: Amazon
  • A Cardboard Box 3 of 7
    A Cardboard Box
    I will always be amazed by the power of a simple cardboard box combined with kids imagination. They can transform this into a car, ship or even a house for pretend dragons.
    Image Credit: nuttakit /
  • Leap Frog Tag Readers 4 of 7
    Leap Frog Tag Readers
    My kids LOVE to read. They are really getting so much more into it now that we have put a big focus onto learning how to read and the amazing thing about these Tag readers is they can do that... on their own. Sometimes my brain needs a break from trying to figure out the pronunciation in French. Happy to have Tag take over for a bit.
    Get Your Own From: Leap Frog
  • Any Seek and Find Book Like Where’s Waldo 5 of 7
    Any Seek and Find Book Like Where's Waldo
    My kids don't only love to read but pictures are a big thing with them too. With books like Where's Waldo and other search and find books they can tend to take a lot more time finding the small things within the pictures. One page can take them a while to get through - giving me more quiet time.
    Get Your Own From: Chapters
  • Perplexus Puzzle 6 of 7
    Perplexus Puzzle
    We got our first Perplexus globe puzzle over a year ago and my kids LOVE it. Big P especially can work on fine motor movements quietly, with lots of fun and never seems to get bored.
    Get Your Own From: Amazon
  • Tiny Toys Like Littlest Pet Shop 7 of 7
    Tiny Toys Like Littlest Pet Shop
    A great toy for any kid and either gender the tiny "fit in your hand" toys will encourage imagination and can really keep my kids off my lap and engaged with fun play on their own.
    Get Your Own From: Hasbro

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