Readers Admit: I Knew I Became My Mother When...

Some of you fear becoming your mother. Hey, some of your partners fear you becoming your mother.

Others of you would feel blessed to become your mother.

No matter which camp you fall into, you probably will become your mother at some point.

I have. Every time I tell my kids, “Stop crying or I’ll give you something to cry about!” I realize I am, in fact, my mother.

I asked you fine readers to finish this sentence, “I knew I became my mother when…” and this is what you said:

  • Young adults are still kids 1 of 19
    Young adults are still kids
    "When I started calling 20-year-olds ... kids."
    via Tammy Cedar Photography
  • I wanna rock! 2 of 19
    I wanna rock!
    "I was doing the 'mommy rock' during a med school presentation. That soft rock you do even when the baby is not in arms."
    @DrLisaDana via Twitter Dr. Lisa Dana on Babycenter
  • Because I said so! 3 of 19
    Because I said so!
    "I said ‘because I said so, thats why!' sad sad day..." via Sharon Bye
  • Forget me huh? 4 of 19
    Forget me huh?
    "When I walked upstairs to get something and forgot why I was upstairs once I got there. Oy vey!" via Suzie Madden
  • Hungry is as hungry does 5 of 19
    Hungry is as hungry does
    "I told my children that ‘if you're not hungry enough for bread and butter then you're not that hungry...'" via Donna Stercl
  • Poop shmoop 6 of 19
    Poop shmoop
    "I reached into the dirty diaper bin and pulled out a toy that had gotten in there by accident. And my son had eaten chili the night before. But I didn't notice the smell from the dirty diapers. I can't say that enough. I didn't notice the smell. Do you know how much day old chili in a dirty diaper smells? And I didn't notice it."
    via Manic Motherhood
  • The Electric Company 7 of 19
    The Electric Company
    "I said, 'Do I look like the electric company? Close the fridge door!'" via Laryssa Benner
  • In good hands 8 of 19
    In good hands
    "I caught vomit."
    via JamieA Dash of Domestic
  • I became licktastic 9 of 19
    I became licktastic
    "I licked my finger then wiped dirt off my kids face!"
    via Jennifer JK Says…
  • The Mom Arm 10 of 19
    The Mom Arm
    "When I pulled the "stop short" (arm over the passenger seat when you brake) to a coworker!" via Stephanie Bowman Williams
  • Eric, Sarah, Drew, Bubba, Ashley! 11 of 19
    Eric, Sarah, Drew, Bubba, Ashley!
    "I list off everyone's name in my family (dog included) before I get to the actual person I am talking to/ about. :)"
    @Marjarazzi via Twitter Marjarazzi
  • Time out! 12 of 19
    Time out!
    "The moment I said ‘if you're going to whine, let me make it worth your while! Go in a time out!!' Not my finest moment and I'm sure my mother grinned from ear to ear. *sigh*" :/"
    via Dora Just the Things and I
  • Safety first! 13 of 19
    Safety first!
    "When I went out for my birthday at a dance club & when the girls (21/22 yo) bumped into me, I turned around, pointed my finger at them, bent down and said "You girls better be careful before u knock someone down and get hurt" and thn I saw their faces and realized what I had done. I left the dance floor, had a shot, holstered my scolding finger and went home :( lol"
    @TruthfulMommy via Twitter The Truth About Motherhood
  • Shhhhh! 14 of 19
    "I told my daughter to ‘stop that shrieking!' (My mom used to always tell me that!)" via Catie Felker Petroff
  • We’ll see… 15 of 19
    We'll see...
    "When I caught myself saying ‘We'll see.'" via Andrea Miller Peterson
  • Buckle up! 16 of 19
    Buckle up!
    "I started yelling ‘put that child in a seatbelt!' at random cars in traffic that had unbuckled children."
    @lilloveandluck via Twitter With a Little Love and Luck
  • Unhappy passenger 17 of 19
    Unhappy passenger
    "I pulled over my car to soothe my screaming infant :)" via Molly Watts Shalz
  • I had a name 18 of 19
    I had a name
    "When I would be called ‘so and so's mom'"
    @momma23monkeys via Twitter Fractured Family Tales
  • You don’t bring me flowers 19 of 19
    You don't bring me flowers
    "I woke up to pacifiers and nipple cream on my nightstand instead of flowers :)" via Andrea Tope Linhart

Your turn! When did you know you became your mother?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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