Readers Confess: "The Most Irritating Thing That Other Parents Do Is …"

Last week I let you all in on a few secrets and made some motherhood confessions — the irritating thing that other parents do. Some of you agreed with me, some of you thought I really needed to lighten up and some of you confessed your own irritations about other parents.

I found myself nodding along to some of the irritations you shared, while others left me confused. A confession of irritation that was mentioned a lot was when other parents judge us — funny because many of these confessions do just that.

Click through to read the confessions from other parents — are you on their list?

  • Push Parenting Style 1 of 10
    Push Parenting Style
    "Try to push their parenting style off on others." - Samantha
    Image: Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot
  • Sick Kids 2 of 10
    Sick Kids
    "Bring their sick kids around mine!" - Brittany
    Image: SOMMAI
  • Public Tantrums 3 of 10
    Public Tantrums
    "Allow the kids to act out, throw fits, and or cause a scene in public." - Kristie
    Image: rothwerx
  • Bully on the Playground 4 of 10
    Bully on the Playground
    "Parents at playgrounds that watch their children bully or act out at other children and don't intervene." - Sarah
    Image: epsos
  • No Discipline 5 of 10
    No Discipline
    "Let their child scream, yell and cry in resturants and not say a thing to them or remove them." - Molly
    Image: emrank
  • Talk Down to Me 6 of 10
    Talk Down to Me
    "Talk to me like I'm still a kid...and I'm 36." - Dori
    Image: photostock
  • Nightly Activities 7 of 10
    Nightly Activities
    "Taking young children to inappropriate movies or taking them out to dinner at 11:30 at night." - Heather
    Image: digitalart
  • It’s Cold Out There 8 of 10
    It's Cold Out There
    "It's cold out and the kid isn't wearing a coat or hat or gloves." - Latifah
    Image: brian-fitzgerald
  • Bully Moms 9 of 10
    Bully Moms
    "It just gets under my skin when moms yell at their toddlers 'shut up' in the middle of the stores." - Vanessa
    Image: David Castillo Dominici
  • They Are Your Kids 10 of 10
    They Are Your Kids
    "When people have children just to turn around and pawn them off on sitters, nannies, and other relatives. You made them you should take care of them." - Amber
    Image: photostock

Your turn: What is the most irritating thing you see/hear other parents do?

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