Readers Reply: The Most Offensive Thing Ever Said To Me While Out With My Kids Was …

A couple of weeks ago I shared a post of the dumbest things people have said to me while out with my kids. I believe that people open their mouths before they think and may not realize that what they are asking is well, inappropriate.

I had started to wonder if there was something about ‘me’ that seemed to encourage people to speak before they think when I am out with my kids. Was it my age? The amount of kids I have with me or what?

Once you all started to chime in with the dumbest things said to you while out with your kids, I started to realize … people just might not realize what they are saying.  Babble’s Facebook page asked our readers to spill the beans and tell us the most offensive thing ever said to you.

Click to see how Babble readers replied to “The most offensive thing ever said to me while out with my kids was ____________”.

  • Is That Your Kid? 1 of 10
    Is That Your Kid?
    "'Is that your kid?' Kids are having kids younger and younger now days. really? I'm 24" - Cynthia
    Image: photostock
  • What a Cute Lil Boy! 2 of 10
    What a Cute Lil Boy!
    "'What a cute lil boy.' Wow shes dressed in pink long hair - talking about my 5 year old lol." - Tiffany
    Image: photostock
  • Is She Adopeted? 3 of 10
    Is She Adopeted?
    ‎"'Aw how cute is she adopted?' -- My daughter is mixed and is lighter than me" - Alee
    Image: photostock
  • She Looks Like … 4 of 10
    She Looks Like ...
    "'Your daughter looks like Dora!' Really?!?! Just cause she's Mexican doesn't mean she looks like Dora! Rude!" - Denise
    Image: Accustomed Chaos
  • How Did You Get Stuck? 5 of 10
    How Did You Get Stuck?
    "I was food shopping with my son when he was 2 and the cashier said, 'How did you get stuck with him?' I was so shocked! And just turned to my son and said, I'm not stuck with you. Daddy's at work so its just us!" - Lindsay
    Image: photostock
  • You’re Not Allowed 6 of 10
    You're Not Allowed
    "I'm in a wheelchair because of spina bifida and I've had people tell me that my type shouldn't have children or be allowed alone with them." - Terra
    Image: photostock
  • Are They Yours? 7 of 10
    Are They Yours?
    "I have 3 kids and I've had some random lady in a resturaunt ask me if they were mine. I proudly said yes, then she asked if they had the same father :/ WTF?! ummm not that it's any of your business but yeah they do." - Christina
    Image: photostock
  • You’re Going To Have Fun. 8 of 10
    You're Going To Have Fun.
    "I have 3 girls, all 18 months apart and am expecting my 4th girl, if one more person tells me "you're gonna have fun when they're teenagers" I might snap. Tell me something I DON'T know!! Lol" - Amii
    Image: photostock
  • You Must Be Done 9 of 10
    You Must Be Done
    "I find it incredibly offensive when people suggest that I should be "done" having children. It's like, oops, my bad, I thought they were MY children, and this was MY life & decisions I make with my HUSBAND! (We have 3 kids, want 1 more.)" - Krystle
    Image: photostock
  • Grandma? 10 of 10
    "A woman at the checkout line once asked, "Is he your grandchild?" ...I'm 31!" - April
    Image: photostock

:: What is the strangest, most offensive, weirdest thing someone has said to you while out with your kids? ::

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