Readers Respond: Rants and Raves About Being A Stay At Home Mom

sahm featuredLast week I was chatting online with a friend from my old workplace. We both left to have babies – her first, my second – around the same time. For both of us, leaving the paid workforce was an incredibly rewarding choice but what neither of us bargained on was having babies who basically don’t nap.

Many of you are now nodding at the screen, goggle-eyed, and thinking “Oh yeah. No naps. So, like, 13 straight hours of mom-ing per day, no breaks. Possibly no showers. I feel ya sister. Boy, do I feel you.”

The relentless nature of kids is what I find the most taxing about being a stay at home mom. There are no true breaks when the kids are awake because you’re always on alert to keep them from breaking their necks. You can’t sit down and have a quiet cup of coffee. You can’t even sit down and have a solitary poo. The kids are always present, demanding attention.

The upside – and it’s a big upside – is that the kids are always present. Moments large and small are yours for the experiencing and you can hoard memories like photos. The days of motherhood are long but the years are short so every minute squirreled away for later reliving will be precious in due time.

I asked readers to share their highs and lows of stay at home motherhood. Click through to see their responses and share your highs and lows!

  • Electronic Babysitter 1 of 10
    Electronic Babysitter
    Running out of ideas and resorting to screens for entertainment. - Robin
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  • Cleanliness? Ha! 2 of 10
    Cleanliness? Ha!
    Best: obviously seeing every milestone/being there. Worst is loss of self identity/career. And loss of daily showers. - Rebekah (A different Rebekah!)
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  • Please Use Big Words 3 of 10
    Please Use Big Words
    Best-watching them grow, being there for every moment. Worst-serious lack of adult interaction and "me" time. - Jessica
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  • Own Your Time – Mostly 4 of 10
    Own Your Time - Mostly
    Best: I'm the boss! 🙂 want to go to the zoo? We go. Craving ice cream one afternoon? "Treat" the toddler to a cone. Worst: winter cabin fever. (Theirs and mine) Not always having a schedule. The occasional monotony of housework and kid chasing. - Jennifer
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  • Good and Bad 5 of 10
    Good and Bad
    All the time I have with my kids. And all the time I have with my kids. - Angela
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  • Love Is Enough 6 of 10
    Love Is Enough
    I have older kids 8 and 10 years old. The best is when they still let me hug and kiss them and sometimes actually talk to me. The worst is besides not enough time in the day to do all the stuff that you have to do but the chauffuering all over town to this event or that event. Not enough time to sit and breathe. - Amy
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  • Hang In There 7 of 10
    Hang In There
    Best: Snuggles. Worse: Your stuff sometimes not even taking a backseat but hanging on the bumper like Marty McFly. - Carie
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  • Endless Mess 8 of 10
    Endless Mess
    Also, something I don't think a lot of people realize. If you stay home there is even more dishes and laundry. I make at least 1 more meal a day if not 2 plus snacks. If I worked I could pick up the house before bed and it would still be mostly clean when I got home. Being a SAHM you pick up several times a day and it still never gets clean. - Lori
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  • Fashion Win? Or Lose? 9 of 10
    Fashion Win? Or Lose?
    Thinking I can get away with wearing pjs all day...I really need to start making an effort! - Danielle
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  • For This I Went To College? 10 of 10
    For This I Went To College?
    It's lonely being stuck home with little ones, especially in bad weather. Plus, I feel like my college education is going to waste sometimes. I do like having the freedom to be there for activities or if they're sick. - Christina
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