Readers Respond: Rants And Raves About Being A Working Mom

MFor the first three years of my son’s life, this was how weekdays went: house to metro to daycare to metro to work to metro to daycare to metro to house. I felt like we were in constant motion getting everyone in the family where they needed to be at any given time. I loved my job and I loved the daycare where C went but the process of getting there and back made each day felt like one of those multi-sport endurance events. When I left my job two years ago, the biggest sense of relief I had was of losing the commute and the endless logistical juggling.

But leaving the paid workforce was not without its drawbacks. I went through a withdrawal stage of trying to get my emotional feet steady when I no longer had an affiliation to declare. DC is a career driven town and not being able to define myself in terms of the work I did was unsettling. Moreover, I was lonely. I had worked in a friendly office and I was used to lots of interaction during the day, especially at lunch time when friends tended to gather for a group meal. That was hard to lose.

I think at some point I will go back to work in an office again. I loved what I did and I have a lot of interests that only work can really satisfy. In many ways, I liked myself better when I was out in the professional world doing something that aroused a real passion in me. I felt better rounded. And when I asked readers to share what they liked best about being a working mom, many of them expressed similar sentiments. Working as a mom has enormous rewards as well an distinct challenges.

Click through to see what readers says the best and worst about combining work and motherhood and share your thoughts!

  • Left Out of The Fun 1 of 10
    Left Out of The Fun
    Best: Not defaulting on our mortgage. Worst: Constantly playing catch-up on everything and never getting the time to enjoy fun activities with them. - Delora
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  • Two Loves 2 of 10
    Two Loves
    Best: Loving my job, being creative, solving problems, making others happy. Worst: feeling guilty that I love working and sometimes work too much or choose work instead of being home with my kids. - Jennifer
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  • Never Enough Time 3 of 10
    Never Enough Time
    Best: Identity other than as a mom while being greeted with huge smiles and hugs on most days! Worst: Finding time for everything else, dentist, dr, gym, etc. - Erin
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  • Strong Role Model 4 of 10
    Strong Role Model
    Best: Kiddo has a great role model. Worst: Not being able to take time off more than a week at a time. - Heidi
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  • Express Lane 5 of 10
    Express Lane
    Best: Sick days with daycare Worst: Pumping. - Brandy
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  • Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here 6 of 10
    Your Mother Doesn't Work Here
    Best thing: Peeing with the door closed. Worst thing: I can't put my co-workers in time out when they don't use their listening ears. - Synnøve
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  • Money Versus Time 7 of 10
    Money Versus Time
    Best: Being able to financially support your children. Worst: Having to be away from them when they may need you the most. - Sara
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  • Sick Days 8 of 10
    Sick Days
    Best: Getting to do important things for humanity. Worst: Having the whole family come down with three different viruses the same week your wife goes back to work full time and trying to figure out who is the least sick to either go to work or stay home with the kids. Yay us. - Lynn
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  • Adult Time 9 of 10
    Adult Time
    Worst: Bringing work home & still having to tell your child "Not now I'm working". Best: a paid break away from the kids & socializing. - Gloria
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  • Office Work + Housework 10 of 10
    Office Work + Housework
    Best: I guess I should be thankful I have a job that pays the bills and provides health insurance. Worst: Having a second job (all the stuff you have to do to keep the house running) when you get home from work when all you want to do is love on your kids. - Mandy
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