Readers Respond: The One Thing My Child Says That Makes Me Cringe is…

Earlier this week I shared with you the 8 things that my kids say that make me cringe. It was comforting to know there were others out there who had children who said the same cringe-worthy things mine do.

We all know kids are not perfect — we all know we are not perfect. Not often do we get to hear that we are not alone in our imperfections though. It’s great to read the good amazing things about parenting, but sometimes it can be very comforting (and cathartic) to speak of the things our kids do that drive us crazy.

Babble asked Kid Scoop readers to finish the sentence, “The one thing my child says that makes me cringe is _________.


Click through to see how Kid Scoop readers finished off this sentence:

  • ‘When Will Grandma Die?’ 1 of 10
    'When Will Grandma Die?'
    A reader's son is only 4 years old and full of curiosity. Kids at this age typically have yet to develop the social filters for questions like these. Totally cringe worthy.
    Image Credit: Ambro via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘I Sucked it All Down’ 2 of 10
    'I Sucked it All Down'
    Another cringe-worthy sentence said by a child. I can imagine this one is said often - which could get irritating.... quickly.
    Image Credit: Stuart Miles via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘!&*% [swear word]’ 3 of 10
    '!&*% [swear word]'
    Whoops... Kids can pick up on the words we use and even if we only let the swear word slip out once -- naturally they have to start saying it over and over again.
    Image Credit: photostock via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘Does He Have a …!’ 4 of 10
    'Does He Have a ...!'
    Penis? Kids are so funny with this one & will say it always loudly in public. I can see why this one is cringe-worthy!
    Image Credit: David Castillo via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘I Don’t Want to Go Outside…’ 5 of 10
    'I Don't Want to Go Outside...'
    ".. I want to play my video games." Once kids develop a huge love for their favorite toy or activity it can feel impossible at times to break them away from it.
    Image Credit: Arvind Balaraman via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘NO! [repeated]’ 6 of 10
    'NO! [repeated]'
    This word repeated over and over drives me crazy too. My son will often say it over and over to his sister when she's trying to play with him. Irritating!
    Image Credit: Stuart Miles via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘I Hate You!’ 7 of 10
    'I Hate You!'
    A possible tear-inducing cringe-worthy sentence. No parent likes to hear this one -- although the Babble reader does add that "but if they didn't say it then I'm not doin my job"
    Image Credit: Arvind Balaraman via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘You Love Him More Then Me’ 8 of 10
    'You Love Him More Then Me'
    Knife... meet heart. This is a tough one and can sometimes be said when a sibling is needing a little extra attention at the time.
    Image Credit: Graeme Weatherston via FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘That Lady is Fat!’ 9 of 10
    'That Lady is Fat!'
    Kids are observant. They also have an age where they still lack the social filter. When the observant and lack of social filter combine we get a lot of cringe-worthy sentences.
    Image Credit: Michelle Meiklejohnvia FreeDigitalPhotos
  • ‘I Have to Go Poo-Poo’ 10 of 10
    'I Have to Go Poo-Poo'
    This one has me laughing like crazy. It's so true that near every kids has said this a few times and will continue to say it again. Could you imagine if an adult jumped up and said this in the middle of lunch? haha
    Image Credit: Ambrovia FreeDigitalPhotos

:: Your turn! Tell me – what does your child say that makes you cringe? ::

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