Readers Respond: What’s Your Least Favorite Thing About Motherhood?

Let’s get this out of the way up front: we all love our kids. We just do. They’re cute funny, smart, awesome, and sweet. That’s a given.

What’s also a given is that being a mom has its less-than-awesome moments. I have yet to meet the mother who makes it through the day without stifling feelings of annoyance or exasperation over some tribulation inflicted by her offspring. We all have little things about being a parent that DRIVE US NUTS. For me it’s clipping little fingernails. Hate it. My kids hate it. I always let it go too long so they have talons. Then they wiggle and squirm while I’m clipping them so it’s a little like wrestling an octopus, if octopi had claws and were willing to rake them down the side of your face. Every time I find myself clipping tiny fingernails, I wonder if it would be acceptable to send a 5-year-old and an 8-month-old to a nail salon so I can outsource the whole thing.

I asked moms on my Facebook and Twitter feeds what they like least about motherhood. Click through to find out what they said!

  • What’s Your Least Favorite Thing About Being A Mom? 1 of 11
    What's Your Least Favorite Thing About Being A Mom?
    Click through to see what readers say!
  • On The Clock 2 of 11
    On The Clock
    Waking everyone up and trying to get them fed, brushed and dressed and out the door for school in a reasonable amount of time!!! Always stressful!!! - Katlyn
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  • Loosen Up 3 of 11
    Loosen Up
    Loose teeth. I will gladly deal with any body fluid, illness, accident...but loose teeth freak me out! - Jenny
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  • Snip! 4 of 11
    toenail clipping!!! ugh, those sensitive little toes, kicking feet and the flying shards! - Lisa
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  • Say Anything 5 of 11
    Say Anything
    When I have to take my 2yo daughter out and she says " mom , I need to poop , wipe my bum?" ... So 1.wiping bums and 2. Taking an unfiltered toddler out in public - Danielle
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  • What’s Cooking? 6 of 11
    What's Cooking?
    Making dinner. Every night. Must be healthy and balanced. Why is it every night??? - Kassie
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  • Getting Schooled 7 of 11
    Getting Schooled
    Homework. And she is only in Kindergarten. I am afraid it will only get worse. A close 2nd would be getting ready for school. - Shellie
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  • Oh Sick 8 of 11
    Oh Sick
    Right up puke and diarrhea. Tomorrow, I may have a different answer. - Leslie
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  • Chicken Out 9 of 11
    Chicken Out
    Getting them to eat a dinner that ISN'T chicken nuggets. You'd think I had asked them to eat a plate full of poison. - Synnøve
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  • Serious Dirt 10 of 11
    Serious Dirt
    Cleaning the boys' bathroom - @Tubaville
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  • Don’t Wanna Go Home! 11 of 11
    Don't Wanna Go Home!
    Picking kids up from daycare. it's torture to pull them away from their friends. - Kate
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