Readers Share the Best Things About Being Part of a Blended Family

I’m proud to belong to two incredible stepparents who each call me daughter.

I imagine it must have been difficult for my stepparents to walk the hopeful tightrope into my life as part parent and part friend, but fortunately my story is a happy one. My stepmom and stepdad are two of the most important people in my life. Not only have they both made positive differences in the lives of my biological parents, they’ve made countless positive changes in my life as well.


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    In honor of National Stepfamily Day this September 16th, I reached out to the Babble audience for their thoughts on the very best things about being part of a blended family. Let's take a listen!


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    "My father was abusive and awful. My mom divorced him and 4 years later, married my stepfather. I was not nice to him at first because i was an a**hole teenager, but now he has shown himself to be the perfect example of what a father should be, and loves my daughter as if she were his own kid, never mind a step- grandchild. I'm divorced now, but dating a really awesome guy and being from a blended family has definitely shown me the kinds of things I want from a relationship, both for me and my daughter." ~via Leigh


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    "I first became a mom as a 'step' mom. I was a young 24 year old girl with three kids. It was tough to say three least. I learned allot about myself, children, and parenting. 24 years later I now have 6 children.. My 3 'step', 1 'biological', and 2 'adopted'. Not to mention 3 grandchildren, with another due any day now. I am so blessed ! They are all my kids. I cannot and do not see any of them less than or more than my child than any other. I always said that the only steps in my house go to the basement." ~via Marie


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    "I am the stepdad to a wonderful 6-year-old girl. She is the light of my life just as she is for her mom. I never knew love like this until I had the chance to be a dad." ~via Tony


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    "I married in my mid-forties and never thought I'd have children. The thought saddened me beyond belief because I always saw myself as a mom. The man I married was a widower with four kids, ranging in age from 4-12, and just like that - instant family! It wasn't easy and the kids were in counseling for a long while for issues surrounding their mother's death but eventually they came to know me and best of all, need me. I thank God every day for the opportunity to be a mother x 4!" ~Shelly


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    "My mom left my brother and me when I was 7. She had problems with addiction and my dad tried to help her get clean for so long but she just couldn't. A few years later my dad met a really nice lady and they married. I remember being so surprised that my dad was this happy, smiling man with her. He was never happy with my mom that way, I think he was just too worried. Anyway, she always told me and my brother to talk only good things about my mom and encouraged us to talk about missing her if we felt that way, or even cry if we wanted to. I began to trust and love her because she never wanted to take our mom's place, but she ended up being a much better mom to us growing up. When my stepmom died, I didn't realize how much losing her would hurt. I miss her everyday." ~Kris


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    "I come from a small family, mostly because of bad blood among relatives. When both of my parents remarried people with large families, I suddenly had all this family! It's been great having such a large network of people to depend on and care for." ~Lynn


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    "My wife had an 11-year-old son from a marriage that ended in a very bitter divorce. To this day she and her ex battle over everything pertaining to their son. I think it's been good for her and my stepson to have me around as someone who can look at situations with more of a level head because I am, in a lot of ways, outside the situation. I've been known to help settle some of the larger battles between the parents and I know my stepson appreciates it." ~Shane


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    "Kids are a blessing! I welcomed to opportunity to add more children to my family. I wouldn't change a thing!" ~Donna


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