Readers Share What Makes Them a Kid at Heart

Being a kid was an awesome good time. What a shame we didn’t realize it at the time.

But that’s the great thing about becoming a parent! Just when we’ve all but forgotten the simple joys of life, our kids help us rediscover the magic and wonder in our everyday. How cool is that?

I asked you fine peeps what made you a kid at heart. Y’all responded with a whole bunch of totally awesome answers and fabulous ideas to keep us all feeling like a kid again!

  • Bless this mess 1 of 17
    Bless this mess
    "Finger paint with the kids and play with playdough. They hate getting dirty...I LOVE it!"
    via Dora Just the Things and I
  • If you don’t laugh, you cry 2 of 17
    If you don't laugh, you cry
    "I never EVER take life too seriously. If I can't laugh about a situation then I know I'm doing something wrong."
    @xtremeparnthood via Twitter Adventures in Extreme Parenting
  • Best singer in the whole wide car 3 of 17
    Best singer in the whole wide car
    "I sing Disney tunes in the car!"
    @heirtoblair via Twitter The Heir to Blair
  • Getting my color on 4 of 17
    Getting my color on
    "I like to color in a coloring book. It helps me relax--and sometimes I even let my kids join me. Sometimes. Not sharing also makes me feel like a kid at heart. :)"
    via Jesse Mama's Got Flair
  • Weeeeeeee! 5 of 17
    "I ride shopping carts at the grocery store. Makes my toddler laugh. I don't know why anybody ever stops doing that, and I'll probably still do it when I'm 80."
    via Lori Fenton
  • Your royal momness 6 of 17
    Your royal momness
    "I never turn down the opportunity to wear a tiara!"
    @bittyblurts via Twitter Bitty Blurts
  • Color me happy 7 of 17
    Color me happy
    "Draw with Crayons and make crafty stuff. I love to re-make things from childhood like a cotton ball beard Santa."
    via Nichole One More Time
  • A little bubbly 8 of 17
    A little bubbly
    "I take breaks from my stressful job and blow bubbles. I also have a superhero cape on the back of my office door :)"
    @MamaLawma via Twitter
  • Playdoh is a do! 9 of 17
    Playdoh is a do!
    "I LOVE playing with playdough still! Now that I am an adult I don't feel the need to sneak a piece to eat :)"
    @momma23monkeys via Twitter Fractured Family Tales
  • Batter up! 10 of 17
    Batter up!
    "When baking we always lick the spoon!"
    @ekskids via Twitter Secret Pocket Pillow
  • Ready or not! 11 of 17
    Ready or not!
    "I love playing hide & seek with my kids. They absolutely love when they can't find me and I jump out of nowhere and scare them."
    via Evonne All You Need is Love
  • What a wonderful feeling, I’m happy again! 12 of 17
    What a wonderful feeling, I'm happy again!
    "Dance in the rain with my kids! At first hubs thought I was nuts until I got him to join in. Only when it's warm though."
    @PorchSwingMom via Twitter My Front Porch Swing
  • Leggo of my Lego! 13 of 17
    Leggo of my Lego!
    "When my kids aren't home, I play with their toys. Especially Legos/blocks. And I don't have to follow anyone's "rules" but my own!"
    via Evin Food Good, Laundry Bad
  • Still a believer 14 of 17
    Still a believer
    "I am a kid at heart because I still believe in Christmas magic and 'Happily Ever After'"
    @CrayonWrangler via Twitter Coloring Me Happy And Outside The Lines
  • I’m chippy 15 of 17
    I'm chippy
    "I eat fruity pebbles cereal and put chips on my sandwiches. H thinks I am crazy but they wouldn't taste the same beside each other."
    via Lynz Loud Mouth Lynz
  • Just dance 16 of 17
    Just dance
    "Get down on the floor and play games with my boys or have a dance party in the kitchen!"
    @lifewithoutpink via Twitter Life Without Pink
  • Sneaky snacky 17 of 17
    Sneaky snacky
    "I eat cookies for breakfast and feel like I got away with something. :)"
    @mamaonetothree via Twitter Mama One to Three

Your turn! What makes you a kid at heart?

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