Reading Comprehension And Your Kindergartner: Try This Activity

JD is learning to read! It’s a magical time in our lives. I am a bookworm. I buy books, smell them, turn pages and pile them on my book shelf, nightstand and desk. I’ve been reading to JD since he was a fetus. We read 3-7 books a night in his bed and it’s so exciting that he’s actually starting to read to me! It’s like first-date kiss, got the job, surprise roses exciting!

JD’s school is teaching him to read by using a sight word program and I think it’s great. Each week JD comes home with flash cards on a ring. This week we went over: And, The, To and a bunch of other words. I point to the letter, one-by-one with my finger and ask JD what it is. “T!” he declares. We high-five. “O!” he cheers. “OK, sound it out.” He takes his time. “To, mom! But not like the number!” We do a touchdown dance.

JD really responds to my enthusiasm when it comes to homework and learning. This seems like a no-brainer, but there are definitely nights when I’m sitting with him, yawning, and he’s doing homework and my mind is somewhere else: the dirty dishes in the sink, the bills, the work I have to finish before bed, getting him to sleep so I can be lazy and watch Gossip Girl. But homework is important, so I push myself and tune all the BS out. I shut my cell off and just sit quietly with my son. Last night’s homework was so fun … JD’s teacher asked him to pick out a book from his collection for us to read together. He chose a Ninjago book, obviously. My kiddo is obsessed with all things martial arts and Lego Ninjago sets; he plays for hours and he loves their interactive website.

We cuddled up on the rose-colored couch and pulled an ivory blanket over us. The snow was falling hard outside and it smelled like cinnamon. JD’s warm little body was pressed up against my side and I began, stopping here and there, pointing to words for him to sound out and say.

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The next portion of the homework was to discuss the book. It was like tiny tot book club. JD was so animated in describing the book to me. He stood and did karate moves, jumped off the ottoman (safe) and twisted using his ” Spinjitzu” power and told me all about Cole, Jay and Sensei Wu.

The final step of his homework was to sit and draw what he thought the book was about. I didn’t lead him at all. I watched my little guy select 5 crayons: blue, black, red, green and orange. “I’m gonna use orange for the white ninja because white won’t show up on the paper and orange is my favorite color and I want an orange jacket,” he told me. “OK,” I said. “Sounds like a plan and orange jackets are amazing. I want one, too!” His eyes lit up!

JD proceeded to draw 5 ninjas—all with circle bodies, stick arms and legs. They all had smiles on their faces. Some held swords. He held up his work and explained, “This is the team of ninjas, mommy! And they fight the bad guys together. The orange one is Sensei Wu, because his clothes are all white and that thing in his hand is a teacup, because he likes tea, not CAW-FEE like you.”

Kid was right, the story was about the team defeating a dragon. I like my coffee.

I hoped you enjoyed this blog. Next time you find yourself with nada to do, try this activity with your little reader! We’ll be doing it again soon, I’m sure. Have a happy day!

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Disclosure: I am not compensated to write about Lego. We just love Lego.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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