Hey, Are You Stressed? 5 Practical Tips to Reduce Stress

I have written before about my desire to achieve balance in life. My goal for the year is to develop a system that allows me to get the to-do list done, or at least have me feeling less stress when I don’t cross everything off the list at the end of the day.

Moms are stressed — we have a lot on our plates and if you are anything like me, feeling like we have to do it all is high on our list. It’s no wonder that we get stressed out, right? I watched a clip on The Today Show where a “parenting expert” gave advice on how we as mothers can reduce our stress. It included the typical advice to exercise, get a stress ball and deep breathing and as I watched I couldn’t help but think the whole thing was just blowing smoke up our butts.  How many times have you heard the same advice? The textbook answers to take a breath, do it all as a family and just keep your head up? As a busy working mom to three young kids I need something more — some actual advice.

Click through to read what parents really need to help reduce stress:

  • Grab the Wine and Chocolate 1 of 5
    Grab the Wine and Chocolate
    Experts will tell you to go and grab the stress ball and squeeze when you feel your heart rate go up. My advice is to forego that ball and grab a small glass of wine and a piece of chocolate. It also does a great job of reducing blood pressure and dark chocolate and red wine are heart-healthy foods.
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  • Treat Yourself and Go Alone 2 of 5
    Treat Yourself and Go Alone
    I asked some of my friends last week what do they do when they want 'me time'. Many spilled the beans that they like to take a vacation every year — by themselves. Getting away from everything and living on your own schedule for a weekend can be just the rejuvenation you need. I am really considering giving this to myself.
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  • Get Some Help With Your List 3 of 5
    Get Some Help With Your List
    Experts admit that moms have much more on their plate these days then in the days of our mothers. We work, we raise children, we have partners, friends and chores that all need our attention. One big way to reduce stress is to stop trying to do it all. Hire a maid once a week, ask for more help from your partner on making dinners. Reducing your work load can reduce stress a lot!
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  • Find the Time to Exercise 4 of 5
    Find the Time to Exercise
    Experts all seem to agree that a big key to lowering stress is through exercise. Very little can get your stress levels down more then endorphins. Here's my tip: Find time to go alone. The space you will get to just be in your own head and not be "Mom" will focus your energy and get the most out of your workout. We all need a little space!
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  • Sleep. Sleep and More Sleep 5 of 5
    Sleep. Sleep and More Sleep
    When was the last time you had a full night's sleep and woke up feeling rested? Me — I have no idea. We know that sleep is essential to feeling healthy and working as hard as we all do, and sleep is also the key to being able to handle our everyday. Try going to bed a bit earlier, set a routine, and stick with it.
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:: Do you have any practical tips on how you reduce your stress levels? ::

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